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1. going to the zoo
2. in every room
3. is coming soon
4. were very cool
5. pulling the tooth
6. toot the horn
7. gave her a boost
8. some warm food
9. at twelve noon
10. will choose his friend
11. in the voting booth
12. heard a moose
13. weaving on a loom
14. tried to fool
15. the broom handle
16. scoop up the dirt
17. a loose tooth
18. blooms in May
19. coming at noon
20. shining her boots
21. in a phone booth
22. had roast the goose
23. tied the noose
24. through the loop
25. another scoop of rice
26. a swimming pool
27. as soon as I can
28. tried to shoot
29. pushing the broom
30. is hanging loose
31. a cool breeze
32. his first tooth
33. a boost in price
34. choose another one
35. the sloping roof
36. toot three times
37. will be here soon
38. her friend's pool
39. a serving spoon
40. is rooting for her
41. needs some
42. cleaning the bathroom
43. in the moonlight
44. on a broomstick
45. dancing in the ballroom
46. through the hoop
47. sweeping the classroom
48. fireproof the tree
49. the ship's stateroom
50. were in the groove
51. getting her toothbrush
52. is in the storeroom
53. a teaspoon of spice
54. getting a toothpick
55. a hoot owl
56. the bright footlights
57. a serving spoon
58. in the tool shed
59. blow up the red balloon
60. the Sunday cartoons
61. the sound of a boom
62. choose the right school
63. wipe the drool
64. shoot the arrow
65. a booster shot
66. harpoon the whale
67. choose right
68. a typhoon at sea
69. crooning to soothe
70. stand on the stool
71. the blooming flower
72. saw a baboon at the zoo
73. bloom in the spring
74. the goose is loose
75. give her a boost
76. were in the groove
77. rooting for him
78. diving in the pool