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Fine neddle aspiration(BREAS)
Is usually the best initial biopsy
False positive 2%
False negative 10%
Core Needle biopsy(BREAST)
Can test estrogen receptors, Progesterone recepotrs, and HER
Open Biopsy(BREAST)
The Most accurate diagnostic test, can be done in the OR, to take out the tumor if it is malignant
Mamography screnning
starts at the age 50
When is Ultrasound the answer(breast)?
Clinically indeterminant mass lesions. I tells cyst versus solid lesions
answer if:
Is painful
Varies in size
When is PET Scan answer?
To determine the content of abnormal lymph nodes that are not easily to biopsy. Cancer increases uptake on PET scan
When Trastuzumab is used?
when are + for Her 2/neu
decreases the risk of recurrent disease
Testicular cancer tx?
Remove the whole testicle with inguinal orchiectomy. DO not cut the scrotum.
Neddle biposy is always a wrong answer.