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The main character in this book is a _________.
The name of the main character is ___________.
Down Girl
Down Girl's neighbor is named ________.
According to Down Girl, how can you tell the difference between dogs and squirrels?
Dogs are smarter.
Dogs are better looking.
Dogs have cars.
Who is the master of Down Girl?
What is the name of the cat that lives behind Down Girl?
Here Kitty Kitty
Why does Down Girl not like cats?
Cats never stay in their own yards.
Cats are sneaky.
Cats touch all your stuff.
When in a car, what is Down Girl's favorite thing to do?
Down Girl likes to stick his head out the window and lean into the wind.
What did Down Girl do when the policeman bent down to look at him?
Down Girl kissed him.
Once they reached the beach, what was Down Girl able to do for the first time?
Down Girl "drove" the car.
Rruff was disappointed with Down Girl and Sit because they ____________.
ate their doughnuts
What did Down Girl do to thank Rruff for a great day at the beach?
Down Girl put a dead fish in Rruff's bag.
If Down Girl could live anywhere, where would he want to live?
Down Girl would love to live in a car because it moves.
What did Down Girl name the clearing where Rruff set up the tent?
Camp Wild Dog
While on the camping trip, Down Girl, a.k.a. Wild Dog, first discovered a new kind of squirrel which was really a ________.
According to Down Girl, when should a dog never get into a car?
A dog should never get into a car when his master tries too hard to get him in the car.
How did Rruff get Down Girl out from under the bed.
Rruff dropped a doughnut near by.
Where was Rruff taking Down Girl that he did not want to go?
Ruff was taking Down Girl to see The Lady In The White Coat.
What did The Lady in the White Coat give to Down Girl after his shot?
She gave him a cookie.
What finally made Down Girl happy again?
Down Girl was glad to see that Here Kitty Kitty was having to see the Lady in the White Coat, too.