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What does Spleen Qi Xu
Tongue and pulse look like?
Tongue= pale w/ white coating

Pulse= feeble and moderate
Spleen Yang Xu Spleen Dysfunction is expressed by:
Poor appetite or anorexia
abdominal fullness or distension
watery diarrhea and undigested food
Spleen Qi Xu Yang deficiency with cold and damp is expressed by:
1.Abdominal pain w/ preference for warmth and pressure.
intolerance of cold & cold 2.extremeites
3.bland taste in mouth thirst
5.heaviness of body and limbs
6.edema and dysuria
7. profuse white leukorrhea
How does the tongue and pulse look qith spleen Yang XU?
Tongue= pale, swollen tongue body/ white slippery coating

Pulse= deep, slow, & weak
Spleen Yang Xu Accupuncture treatment
Ren 4, 6, 8,(moxa), 12- front mu pt of st.
Sp 3- yuan source'
Spleen Yang Xu Diarrhea
Sp15, St25, st37
Spleen Yang Xu edema
Sp 9, Sp6
Name 4 Common Key Symptoms of the Spleen
1. abdominal distension or pain
2. poor appetite or anorexia
3. loose stool or diarrhea
4. edema or hemorrhage
Spleen Qi sinking has 2 mainifestationsub headings,
What are they?
1. Dysfunction of Qi ascending
2. Spleen Qi deficiency
Dysfunction of Spleen Qi in ascending is expressed in the patient by:
1.Prolapse of Anus &/or uterus
2.gastroptosis or nephroptosis
3.vertigo & blurred vision
4.continuous diarrhea & dysentary
5.cloudy urine
bearing down sensation & 6.distention in epigastrium & abdomen
3 SPleen Qi deficiency Symptoms of Spleen Qi Sinking are:
1. fatigue
2. SOB
3.dislike of speach
What do the tongue and pulse of spleen Qi sinking look like?
Tongue= pale tongue body, white coating

Pulse= feeble
Spleen Qi Sinking Treatment points are:
St 36- tonify spl/st; he sea pt of stomach
Ren 6, Sea of QI
Ren 12- front mu pt of stomach
Du 20- elevate Qi/Yang
What points does one use for a prolapsed rectum or uterus?
Du 1= prolapsed rectum
Ren 1= prolapsed uterus
What point do you use for cloudy urine?
Ren 3- front mu pt of the bladder
What points do you use for lingering diarrea for a long time?
St 25, front mu pt of the LI
sp 15 front mu pt of SI
What must be present to have the diagnosis of Spleen failing to control blood?
What 5 Symptoms can the pt express if they have the Diagnosis: Spleen failing to control blood?
3.subcutaneous hemorrhage
How are spleen deficiency Symptoms expressed in Spleen failing to control blood?
1.poor appetite
2.loose stool
4.SOB & fatigue
5.dislike of speach
6.pale complexion
What qualities does the tongue and pulse have in Spleen failing to controll blood?
Tongue= pale tongue body, white coating

Pulse= thready and feeble
Accupuncture points to treat Spleen failing to control blood would include:
St 36- tonify Sp Qi
Ren 4,6,12 tonify sp qi
UB 10- regulate blood, stop bleeding
UB 17- of blood reg. blood & stops bleeding
UB 21- tonify sp qi
What does Spleen 1 do?
What point treats hemoptysis (coughing blood)?
Lu 6
What point treats vomiting blood?
What point treats epistaxis?
Du 23, YinTang
What point treats bloody urine
Ren 3
Bloody Stool can be treated with which points?
St 25- front mu pt of LI
UB 25- back shu pt of the LI
Disturbance of Spleen by Cold Damp can be treated with which points?
Sp 4, 6, 9- clear dampness
St 36 tonifies sp/st
St 40 clears phlegm
Ren 12 front mu pt of stomach
Retention of cold damp in the middle jiao (in the diagnosis of spleen by cold damp)is expressed with the following symptoms:
1. heaviness of head & body
2. laziness
3. dark yellow complexion
4. yellow tint of the skin
5. edema and dysuria
6. bland taste in the mouth
7. no thirst
The Symptoms: Loose stool, poor appetite, epigastric and abdominal distention/ pain, N/V
are seen in what chinwese Diagnosis?
It is seen in the Dysfunction of spleen and stomach transportation/ transformation, ascending and descending in the diagnosis of Spleen by Zcold Damp.
N/V (nausea and vomiting) are treated with which point?
Diarrhea can be trated by which pt?
St 25
Diarrhea can be treated with which point?
St 28 "water gate"
Jaundice can be treated with which points?
GB 34, Danang Xue
Retention of Damp Heat in the Spleen involves what to general dysfunctions?
1.Retention of damp heat in the middle jiao

2. Dysfunction of the spleen and stomach in transportation, transformation, ascending and descending.
SYMPTOMS OF Dysfunction of the spleen and stomach in transportation, transformation, ascending and descending
1.fullness & distention in epigastrium/ abdomen
2. anorexia
3. loose stool
4. Nausea & Vomiting
SYMPTOMS OF Retention of damp heat in the middle jiao
1. heaviness of limbs and body
2. bright yellow complexion
3. yellow-brown tint of the skin and sclera
4. itching of the skin
5. unsmooth discharge of the stool
6. hectic fever not relieved after sweating
7. bitter & sticky mouth
8. yellow urine
The tongue and pulse look___ with Retention of Damp Heat in Spleen
Tongue= red tongue body, yellow greasy coating

Pulse= thin and rapid pulse
The following accupuncture points treat Retention of Damp Heat in Spleen:
St 36- tonify sp
UB20- tonify sp
UB21- back shu of st
Ren 12- front Mu St
GB 34- Jaundice
Sp 9- clears dampness
In th diagnosis of Stomach Yin Xu th tongue and Pulse are expressed in the following way:
Tongue: red tongue body with little fur, dry, shrinks, cracks

Pulse= thrady and rapid
Is it true the patient lacks appetite with deficient fire?
no- deficient fire can cause pt to feel hungry, but stomach can not receive food, so they belch and hiccup.
How does the Stomach Yin manifest in the dysfunction of stomach Qi in descending
1.dull stomach ache/ gastric discomfort
2. fullness in epigastrium
3. hunger w/o desire to eat
4. retching
5. hiccup
6. dry vomit
7. heart burn
Yin fluid deficiency with the diagnosis of Stomach Yin Deficiency manifests in the following ways:
1. Dry mouth and throat
2. Dry stool or constipation
3. scanty yellow urine
How are the Tingue and Pulse are expressed with Stomach Yin Deficiency
Tongue= red tongue body with little fur, dry, shrinks, cracks, no coating

Pulse= thready and rapid pulse
What accupuncture pts do you use to treat Stomach Yin Deficiency?
Ren 12- front mu pt of stomach
St 36 He sea pt of st
UB 21= Back shu pt of st
UB 20= Back shu pt of sp
Sp 6-toniify yin (Sp, K,Liv X)
K3- tonify yin bring moisure to def. heat
What point will eliminate dry heat and nausea if pt has stomach yin deficiency?
Pc 6
If pt. has stomach yin deficiency what will eliminate stomach pain?
St 21 (lateral to ren 12)
St 25 & St 37 to increase water for constipation from yin deficiency which can also be seen in DM, atrophy...
chronci atrophy gastritis can be seen in
DM, febrile Disease, casues food stagnation,
When pt has gas/ farting with Stomach yin deficency the use of which pts are indicated?
Ren 10- because st qi will move downwards and come out) major pt
Ren 12
UB 21
St 21 (for stomach ache)
What do the these 4 points:
Ren 10, 12, UB 21, St 12
They regulate St qi and improve digestion
What point will treat smelly belching?
Pc 6
Hiccups are trated with which point?
UB 17- the diaphragm back shu pt
Constipation and abdominal pain in stomach yin deficency can be treated with
St 25, 37
Food retention in the stomachis expressed with what 2 manifestations?
1. Disorder of St qi descending
2. Stagnation of undigested food
Distending pain in the epigastrium, anorexia, and distending pain relieved after vomiting are Symptoms of:
Food retention in the stomach- specifically the manifestation of of stomach qi descending dysfunction.
Stagnation of undigested food is expressed in the following Sx:
1. smelly belching
2. acid regurgitation
3. vomiting fetid food
4. loose stool with foul odor
The tongue and pulse of Food retention in the stomach will have what characteristics?
Tongue= thick greasy coating

Pulse= slippery
What points treat for Food retention in Stomach?
Ren 10, 12, St36, UB21, St21
Stomach Fire involves the disorder of stomach qi in descending. How is it expressed in the pts?
1.Burning epigastric area aggrevated by pressure
2. gastric discomfort and acid regurgitation
3.vomiting immediately after eating
Extessive internal fire heat of Stomach Fire shows the following Symptoms:
1. thirst with the desire for cold drinking
2. polyphagia and being liable to feel hungry
3. swelling, ulceration & bleeding of the gums
4. foul breath
5. constipation
6. Scanty, yellow urine
The tongue and pulse of Deficent Stomach Cold are:
Tongue: pale delicate tongue body

Pulse= feeble
The accupuncture points for Stomach cold are:
St 36, UB 21, Ren 4, 6, 12
Pc- for severe stomach ache...
Excess Stomach Cold is caused by
1.overeating raw, cold food
2.external cold directly attacking atomach
True or false:
Deficient Stomach cold is a chronic condition...
The Tongue and Pulse of Excess Stomach Cold are:
Tongue= pale/purple tongue body with white, slippery, coating

Pulse= wiry or deep, tense OR
slow or forceful pulse
Regurgitation of clear fluid and rumbling sound of water in the epigastrium are from:
The retention of cold inside that occurs with the condition of excess stomach cold
Disorder of Stomach QI in Descending is expressed by what Symptoms:
Sudden onset of severe cold in the epigastrium
worse cold, better warmth
nausea, vomiting
pain relieved after vomiting
Imapirment of stomach yang occurs in which condition fo the stomach?
Defient Stomach cold
Irregular diet
spleen deficiency
and excessive vomitting or diarrhea cause______
impairment of stomach yang found in the condition of Deficient stomach cold
Chronic gastritis, ulcer and gastrneirosis are expressions of
impairment of stomach yang in the condition of Deficient Stomach cold
The tongue and pulse of deficient stomach cold are
Tongue= pale, delicate tongue body could be puffy, white coating, moist

Pulse= feeble, slow and weak
Deficient Stomach cold manifest in which 2 ways?
with Yang deficiency and Disorder of stomach Qi
Disorder of stomach Qi Symptoms are:
1.dull, cold pain in epigastrium
2.warmth and pressure makes it better, massage feels good
3.vomiting clear fluid with undigested food
Name Yang Deficiency Cold of the Stomach Symptoms
1. intolerance of cold; cold limbs
2. fatigue
3. bland taste in mouth- poor appetite
4. no thirst
Name the points to treat Stoamch cold
St 36, UB 21, Ren 12, Ren 4, Ren 6, Pc 6
WHere is spleen located?
Spleen is located in upper, middle and lower jiao
What happens when the spleen becomes sick and cannot transform/ transport food and fluids
1. digestion & diarrhea
2. food distension, very bloated
3. Water retention- edema-scanty urine-phlegm fluid retention-
What is the source of phlegm?
Where is phlegm stored?
Water retention casues ___ (stool)
What happens when spleen Qi descends rather than ascends?
vertigo, blurry vision
Prolapsed organs
cloudy urine
constant diarrhea
Spleen does _____ with blood?
keeps blood within vessel to stop bleeding.
Spleen is associated with_____
(has to do with bleeding)
clotting factors
Spleen Qi Xu causes what bleeding disorder Symptoms?
pupura, ulcer, hematauria, uterus bleeding, hypermenorrhea