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resolve _____ dysfunction before treating Chapman’s Reflex points
The “gangliaform contractions” represent ______ _____ reflexes.
Neurolymphatic Viscerosomatic
In current clinical practice, Chapman’s points are used more for diagnosis than for ______.
Many posterior Chapman’s points are located in the paraspinal area near the transverse processes. These areas may be treated in the course of _______ techniques applied to the area.
soft tissue
Chapman’s Points are found deep in the subcutaneous tissues, lying on the deep muscular fascia or __________.
They are paired anteriorly and posteriorly; both points representing the same ______.
Describe the nodules of Champman's points
Discretely Palpable or Grouped in Irregular Patches
Approximately 2 to 3 mm in diameter when found alone
Stomach acid point
left 5th rib space
stomach peristalsis point
left 6th rib space
liver point
right 5th rib space
liver, GB point
right 6th rib space
Where, generally, are Chapman's points found?
They are found in the soft tissues corresponding to the dermatomes innervated by the same segments that give rise to the involved viscus’ sympathetic nerve supply.
Chapman's points feel like what variety of pudding?
They have been described as feeling like pearls of tapioca pudding
The Chapman's points masses are dense, but not hard like a ______
The Chapman's points: One gets the impression of an area of circumscribed ___.
When the Chapman's masses are confluent, they are believed to represent a more _______ disease process
long-standing disease process.
Pain on Palpation of Chapman's points
Located Under the Palpating Finger
Exquisitely Distressing
The points are always located in the same place for the same viscus from person to _____.

Chapman’s reflexes show good inter-examiner _______.

Chapman’s reflexes correlate well with final hospital ______.


What is the supportive research of Chapman's points?
Limited – one study of hypertensive patients in whom only the posterior adrenal points were treated reported a blood pressure drop of 15 mm Hg systolic and 8 mm diastolic pressure
Serum aldosterone levels remained decreased for 36 hours post-treatment.
Differential Diagnosis – RLQ Pain
Acute Mesenteric Lymphadenitis
Acute Right Salpingitis
Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
Cecal Carcinoma
Only ______ has a Chapman’s Point located at the tip of the twelfth rib.
the diagnosis of chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome is assisted by The presence of ______ reflexes
colon reflexes
Where are Chapman's reflex areas for the colon?
iliotibila bands
the iliotibial band is tender at the level of the LEFT knee. What is the source of the problem?
left 3/5ths of the transverse colon
Patients with irritable bowel syndrome report more normal bowel movements for days to months after treatment of _______ and _______ Chapman’s points.
anterior and posterior
Apply what kind of pressure to the gangliaform mass?
somewhat heavy and uncomfortable pressure
How do you move the tip of your finger when treating a Chapman's reflex point?
Slowly move the tip of the finger in a circular fashion to attempt to flatten out the mass.
How long do you manipulate a Chapman's reflex point?
Continue this for 10 to 30 seconds
When do you stop treating a Chapman's reflex point?
Cease treatment when the mass disappears, or the patient or physician can no longer tolerate the treatment.