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Where was Cromwell educated?
Huntingdon - Thomas Beard
Cambridge - Sidney Sussex College.
what were Cromwells dates?
1599 - 1658.
What were Cromwell's main religous beliefs?
Strongly Puritan
(believed God was always on their sides-Civil War).
What was his first post in parliament?
MP of Huntingdon.
When did he leave Parliament?
1629 - when Charles I disbanded Parliament.
Why and when did he come back to Parliament?
because he had had a fall and rise in his fortunes - 1640
as MP for Cambridge.
What was so amazing about Cromwell's military skill?
He had had no previous military training.
What was he renowned for in the battles of Marston Moor (1644) and Naseby (1645)?
his extremely disciplined and effective cavalry charges.
What did Cromwell demand in his soldiers? (Roundheads)
Discipline, honesty, and high moral standards.
(mainly due to his r. beliefs)
What did Cromwell help create?
The 'New Model Army'
when was Charles I executed, and what were Cromwell's beliefs about it?
1649 - that it was the will of God
When was he made Lord General?
When did he defeat the Scotts at Dunbar?
When did he defeat the Scotts at Worcester?
1651 (anniversary af Dunbar)
Why did Cromwell go to Ireland after the Civil War?
So as to crush the Irish Catholics (had supported Royalists)
When was the Massacre of Drifheda and why was it named so?
1649 - because Cromwell killed all the men and woen and children there
When did Cromwell become Lord Protector?
What was different about the first Parliament with Cromwell in charge?
there was a much larger franchise - Irish, Scotts.
when and why did he later dissolve Parliament?
1655 - because some of the members were critising the way Cromwell as ruling.
When did Cromwell secretly negotiate with France and Spain?
when did Cromwell divide england and Wales into 12 districts each governed by a Major General?
What started happening to the protectorate?
began to resemble the monarchy: adressed as 'your highness',Cromwell was offered crown but he refused 1657
when did Cromwell die?
1658 (anniversary of Dunbar and Worcester)