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Into what three periods does the career of Moses fall?
1. Years in training and preparation in Egypt-40yrs
2. Years in the land of Midian-40yrs
3. Period of actual accomplishment of task-40yrs
What event led to Moses fleeing to Midian?
Pharaoh learned that Moses had killed an Egyptain.
With what event did Moses' time in Midian come to a close?
When God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. The bush wasn't consumed. Removed your sandals, for you are standing on holy ground.
In what region were the Hebrew people located?
The land of Gosher--is in Egypt
Grew in great numbers
What events led to the Hebrew people becoming slaves in Egypt?
1. Exodus 1:8 A New king, who did not know about Joseph, came to power in Egypt. New leader (Pharaoh)
2. Increase in the numbers of Hebrews
What action did the Pharaoh take to stop Hebrew reproduction?
Every male born child was to be thrown into the Nile River. Boys fought wars
Moses' Parents
Amaram, Jochebed
Moses' Tribe
Moses' Brother and Sister
Aaron and Maraim
Order of the ten plagues
1. The plague of Blood
2. The plague of Frogs
3. The plague of Gnats
4. The plague of Flies
5. The plague of Livestock
6. The plague of Boils
7. The plague of Hail
8. The plauge of Locusts
9. The plague of Darkness
10. The plague of the firstborn
What was the first plague?
The Plague of Blood
The Nile River was turned to blood. For seven days, there was no water to drink.
What was the second plague?
The Plague of Frogs
Frogs overran the country side, came into their houses. Pharaoh said he would let the people go but went back on his word. Duplicated
What was the third plague?
Plague of Lice
People and animals were covered in lice.
Not duplicated by Magicians.
What was the fourth plague?
Plague of Flies
Swarms of flies, attacked both man and beast. Pharaoh went back on his word again once plague was over.
What was the fifth plague?
Plague of disease of livestock of Egypt. Goats/calfs
None of the livestock of the Hebrews were killed in the land of Goshen
What was the sixth plague?
Plague of Boils
Boils covered their skin and sores of infection. Affected the Egyptains and remaining animals. Magicians couldn't escape.
What was the seventh plague?
Plague of Hail
destroyed crops and vegetation.
Said he would release them but didn't
What was the eigth plague?
Plague of Locusts
covered Egypt for 3 days. Locust ate everything that the hail didn't destroy. Women and children must stay
What was the ninth plague?
Thick darkness covered Egypt for 3 days, not in Goshen
What was the tenth plague?
Every firstborn child will die by the death angel. Only the children of Isarel remained untouched. Day was known as passover. Houses marked with blood of a slain animal was untouched.
How was a family protected from the plague of death angel?
By sprinkling the blood of a unblimished lamb on the door post and lintel of the house. Passover-1st religious feast or feast of unleven bread
How did god provide direction to the Israelites while they traveled?
Pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night
What does the "Red Sea" mean?
Sea of Reeves
After crossing the Red Sea, how did Moses express his gratitude to God?
Song of victory
Exodus 15:1-18
The nature of the first difficult encounter after the Red Sea?
No water
The location of the first difficult encounter?
The location where God provided manna and quail?
The meaning of Rephidim?
Place of rest
Who the Amalekites were?
The meaning of the name Joshua?
God Saves
What is another name for the Ten Commandments?
What were the Israelites doing while Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments from God?
Preparing a Golden Calf to worship
3000 people were killed.
What was the chief purpose of the tabernacle?
To represent God as a dwelling of his people
What were the two parts of the tabernacle?
1. Holy place
2. Holiest of Holies
What was located in the Holy place?
Golden lamp or candle sticks, brunt continously, altar of incense, table of showbread
When was the Holiest of Holies entered?
Once a year, on the day of Atonement
What was located in the Holiest of holies?
Ark of Covanent
What was the location where God and man would meet?
Mercy Seat
What was contained in the Ark of Covenant?
1. Tablets of stone (10 commandments)
2. Pot of Manna
3. Aaron's rod
Who was the first high priest of Israel?
Aaron-Moses' brother
1. Guarded God's covanent by teaching God's law
2. Offered incense and sacfrices on God's altar.
What did the high priest's dress represent?
Funcation as mediator between God and His people. Breast plate with 12 stones
What disappointing event occurred to Moses at Hazeroth?
When Miriam and Aaron rebell
1. Married a Cushite women
2. They felt moses had a monopoly (jealous)
From what location were the spies commissioned?
Who were the two spies who delievered the "minority report?"
Joshua and Caleb
What was the Israelites punishment for their rebellion?
They would remain in the wilderness untill all the people who were 20 years or older died. 19 and below could enter the promise land. Joshua and Caleb were faithful and could go.
What is the meaning of Meribah?
Strife because strove with Jeovah
Where did Aaron die?
Mt Jor, captial of Edomites
What is the meaning of Hormah?
Utter destruction because of firey serpents
Who were the Amorite kings defeated by the Israelites?

Who did God use to bring spiritual insight to Balaam?
Donkey to speak to him
What festival was known as a heathen orgy?
Festival of Beth-Peor
What did Reuben and Gad request?
To be allowed to settle east of Jordan River. As long as they promised to help fight for the promise land.
What does Moses' first address presnet?
Theology of history
God like father
What was the purpose of Moses' second address?
Form them spiritually
Where was Moses when he died?
Mt. Nebo

God burried him
Who was selected as the leader of Israel after Moses' death?
Joshua, son of nun
one of the two spies
Why was it important to conquer Jericho?
Through this wall city were two important central passes
Upon entering Jericho, where did the spies go?
Rahab's home, sent two spies, hid under flakes.
How did the spies agree to reward Rahab?
Sparing her family, tied a red scarlet in the window.
When crossing the Jordan River, what were the priests carrying?
Ark of the Covanent
What events took place after the Israelities crossed the Jordan?
1. They set up the 12 huge stones that were brought out of the Jordan River
2.They observed the right of circumscision
3.Celebrated passover-deliverance from slavery
4. Manna ceased
What event prepared Joshua for capturing Jericho?
A man with a drawn sword in his hand appeared to Joshua and declared himself to be the prince of the Host of Jeovaha
What was the first battle after Jericho?
What was the cause of the Israelites defeat at Ai?
Because there was sin in the camp

Akon's sin
What significant event happened at Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerisim?
Israelites publicily commited themselves to keeping of the law of Moses'.
Which Canaanite city joined forces with Joshua?
How did the Gibeonites deceive Joshua and the Hebrews?
They wore old clothes to make it appear that they had come from a great distance. Joshua didn't kill them, made them slaves.
What sign exhibited that the Lord was fighting for Israel against the five Amorite kings?
God sent large hail stones from the sky that defeated more men than swords.
Who was the chief in northern Canaan?
Jabin, most powerful chief
What was the general method of dividing land of Canaan among people of Israel?
Casting of lots
Divided among 9 tribes
Which tribe was not assigned an allotment of land?
What were the names of the cities of refuge?
1. Kadesh
2. Golan
3. Shechem
4. Ramoth-Gilead
5. Bezer
6. Hebron
What did the tribes east of Jordan River erect as a symbol of their unity with the tribes west of the Jordan?
Built an altar-intent to show that they weren't divided. Thought they wanted war
Where did Joshua deliver his farewell address?
What were the five dangers facing the Hebrew people after the death of Joshua?
1. Warfare-Much of the land was in enemy hands
2. Social danger-As a result of mixing with others, lost social identity
3. Religious danger
4. Occupational danger-Most were originally shepherds
5. Governmnet danger
What gods were the Hebrew people worshiping after the death of Joshua?
1. Baal
2. Asherah-Canaanite goddess of fertility
What was the chief function of a Judge?
Serve as military leaders and deliever the people from opressors
Nehpew of Caleb?
Caleb brought the minority report
Overpowered Cushan-Rishataim?
Defeated Eglon?
Killed 10,000 Moabites?
Persuaded Barak to raise an army?
Composed a song of victory?
Was threshing wheat when comissioned by God?
Gideon-40 years or peace
The "bramble king"
Sacrificed his daughter to Jevoah
Killed a lion with bare hands?
Crushed by temple walls?