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What was the mindset of the Isrealites at the end of Exodus/beginning of Numubers?
Bitter and Complaining. They don't see providence unfolding. They turn to Aaron and the Golden Calf for support. Attitude of blamelessness.
What was the consequence for the tribes that said not to go to Canaan?
They had to live in the desert for another generation so that their children would know only the desert, not Egypt, and would be ready and willing to fight to gain entrance into God's promised land to Abraham.
What did Moses do wrong in the story of the Water from the Rock? What are the consequences for his actions?
He hit the rock instead of speaking to it. This is a problem because God's power comes from WORDS not ACTIONS or AGGRESSIVENESS. (EX. the creation, etc.) The consequences = that Moses is not allowed into the promised land.
Son of the King of Moab who sends Balaam to curse the Isrealites because he is afraid of them.
How many said go to Canaan? How many said don't? Who were the yeses?
10 nos, 2 yeses. Yeses were from Caleb and Joshua.
Soothsayer who, sent by Balak, gets instructions from God to say only what God tells him to say instead of cursing the Isrealites. He ends up praising them instead.
Moral of Balaam and the donkey?
Pay attention to signs and what's going on around you. Don't react unless you know the whole story. God's teachings can come in any way, shape, or form, even a talking donkey.
What holds the Isrealites together?
1. Identity/bloodline-sense of family
2. Law-sense of justice
3. Relgion0-sense of purpose
What is the purpose of the Book of Joshua?
To reconcile for the actions of the Isrealites. The God of Isreal FIGHTS for Isreal.
Before any battle... always send spies.
The 3 campaigns of Joshua
1. First (Central)
2. Southern
3. Northern
The First (central) Campaign of Joshua
-The Battle of Jericho
*the seven days
*The scarlet sash

-The Battle of Ai.
*First fails. Achan.
*Second Succeeds-Flanking maneuver.
-The Gibeonites
How do the Isrealites change when they cross the Jordan?
They turn into a nomadic people into a sedentary agricultural one. They became an army, which is another piece of a nation. They begin to build a gov't.
Southern Campaign
5 city states run by war-lords form a coalition against the Hebrews. The Philistines, of coastal towns, are also against the Hebrews.
Northern Campaign
*important because the connection between the two interstates goes through it. They get it.
Gathering place in the Northern part of the country. Joshua brings all the people together ehre for a covenant renewal. He Recites their history for remembrance and imagination.
What does Joshua tell the people at Shechem and what is the significance of this?
He tells thim that they can choose their own god to follow, but that he will follow Yahweh. This is significant because WHO THE HELL WOULD CHOOSE ANYONE ELSE (they won so much...)
What Component of a nation do the israelites get from the campaigns?
the 3 groups united at shechem
1. Hebrews
2. Indigenous people who weren't killed
3. The Hebrews who never left Canaan to go to Egypt for food.
How can the 2 different groups of Hebrews (went to egypt vs. didn't) tell that they're the same people?
Oral traditions
What is the name of the new government of the Hebrews?
A government loosely constructed by a group of neighboring tribes bound together to protect a comon religious commitment.
Characteristics of an Amphictyony
1. Military Emergency Binds Tribes
2. Central Sanctuary (permanent)
3. Festivals held for remembrance
4. Basic Laws (ex. the 10 commandments)
5. Theocracy- Gov't bases on religion (god rules)
6. Lead by Judges

Cycle of Rebellion
People Forsake God by Worshipping other gods------People weakened-----eneies/plunderers show up-----people cry out for help from god-----god raises a judge-----judge leades people back to God---Starts over.
A Biblical Judge
1. The Ability to Lead in Battle
2. The ability to interpret God's Law
3. The Ability to Settle Disputes (diplomatic)
4. Charisma
An attempt to merge 2 very different relgions together. (Yahweh isn't big on this...)
1. Summoned to nothing beyond their own desires. No sense of moral responsibility
2. As a fertility cult, they had female priestesses and the men of the society slept with them to please the gods
3. Temples were houses of prostitution
4. No sense of destiny or purpose, only appeasement of the gods
5. People CONTROLLED the gods
6. promotes the individual, not the community, thereby destroying the community
1. Called into a historical Relationship with God based on a covenant that imposes moral responsibility
2. Nothing to do with sexuality
3. Sense of responsibility, destiny, purpose, blessing
4. Stressed service to God for their salvation.
5. Unifies a community
Children Set apart to be ardent in Faith. They don't cut their Hair as a sign of their relationship with God.
Last Judge, born of Hannah who was barren. She dedicates him to God because she is grateful.
What does Samuel say in opposition to a King?
A king will ppresss tem and institute a draft, heavy taxation, and immenent domain (take your land)
is handsome, tall, an underdog because he is a benjamite (smallest tribe of Isreal) and a lunatic
2 morals of the David and Goliath Story
What does David do to create the Isreali State?
1. David Captures Jerusalem
2. Brings the ark to Jerusalem
3. Brings the Priests to Jerusalem
4. Jerry Mandering
5. Deafeates the Philistines
6.Broadens boarders to include all of Palestine
7. The Last Covenant - his family and dynasty will rule forever. fufillment of this prophecy is with the coming of the Messiah, who is from David's line
The Nature of a Prophet
1. Students of History
2. Astute observer of the Present
3. Able to Foresee the future
The Demise of David
David's demise begins when he realizes that his integrity, which has been what seperated him from other people, is gone. (Bathsheba). Guilt has CONSUMED David. He becomes a permissive husband and an indulgent father. His sons rise up against him. He returns to Hebron. (as always...)Bathsheba insists that Solomen be king, not adonijah. He dies.