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10 Commandments
1) no other gods
*Hebrews still polytheistic
*suggests that other gods exist
2) no graven images/idols
*nature of god= intangible/spiritual
3) do not take the Lord's name in vain
* names= a person's nature/characteristics/personality
*would hold God in a flippant manner
4) keep the Sabbath holy
*HOLY- to set apart
*purpose: to reflect, rest, recreate
5) honor your mom and dad
*if somone cannot honor their earthly parents, how can they honor God?
*you must at least RESPECT them, no matter how they treat you
*must keep the family sacred/must PRESERVE it
6) no murder
*different from KILLING
*sanctity of life must be valued
7) no adultery
*could not committ adultery w/ a married woman
*women could only sleep w/ their husbands
8) no stealing
*fundamental right to property
*right to acquisition
9) no lying in court
*would corrupt judicial system
10) no coveting
*INTENSE yearning
*one would do whatever they could in order to attain the coveted item
military campaigns of Joshua
1) CENTRAL CAMPAIGN: Jericho (psychological warfare), Ai (sin of Achan)
2) SOUTHERN CAMPAIGN: 5-city states (possibly Philistines)
3) NORTHERN CAMPAIGN: Megiddo, Hazor (think ORLANDO!), Shechem (Josh's speech about God's providence)
a loosly constructed gov't by a group of tribes, bound together to protect a common religious committment
6 characteristics of an amphictyony
1) bound by military emergencies
2) central sanctuary
*illustrates shift from nomads-->sedintary people
*illustrates shift in God's character
3) festivals held @ sanctuary
*temple= spiritual center
*bloody sacrifices symbolize God's surrendering of his life force to the people for their well-being
*people surrender their lifeforce to God in gratitude
4) basic laws
*10 commandments
5) theocracy
*God= supreme ruler
6) leaders= judges
God-given strength
characteristics of judges
1) chosen by God (CHARISMA!)
2) able to interpret God's law
*applied it to fit the people
3) able to settle disputes
*respected by both parties
4)able to lead in battle (great warriors)
5) not all men
*IE: Deborah
cycle of judges (picture)
-people forsake God
-pepole weakened
-God sends plunderers
-people cry out
-God hears
-God raises a judge
-judge leads people back to GOD (step 1)
4 things of importance about Samuel
1) last judge
2) prototype of the prophets
3) link /b/ judges and kings
4) priest
nature of God thus far
buddy buddy
--IE: Abraham/Noah
--IE: Moses/book of Judges
--IE: book of Joshua to book of Samuel
--IE: book of Numbers