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This book is the last book of the Pentateuch, which brings the Israelites to the brink of the promised land
If this man hadn't been of the house of David, Jesus might have not been born in Bethehem
This book contains many stories about Jealousy, rebellion, and greed
God punished Moses and Aaron so harshly after they berated the people as rebels because...
Moses and Aaron did not show forth God's holiness in how they treated people
Two small, square leather boxes in which verses of the Shema are kept and which are worn by Jews on their heads and arms
A tribal leader through whom God delivers the people from destruction
a practice in which conquerors destroy everything in a conquered town and take nothing for their own
book in which Moses recounts the giving of the Law
What was Israel's exile the result of?
the Israelites ignoring the Law of Moses and rejecting God's love
a priest and judge who leads the Israelites and warns them against having a king
After Gideon's army's victory, Gideon...
creates a cultic object to celebrate
The Book of Numbers gets its title from...
the census mentioned in the first part of the book
a scroll inscribed withthe verses of the Shema that many Jews fasten to their door post
Why was Jerusalem an ideal choice for Israel's capital?
Because as a Canaanite city, it had never belonged to any one of the twelve tribes so accustions of favoritism could not be made and because it was ideally located in all the territory between the northern and southern tribes
The purpose of Joshua's account is....
theological and to show that God was with Joshua and that Canaan was his gift to the Israelites
The book of Leviticuscan be thought of as a .....
handbook of the Bible
the situation of Jews living in foriegn lands away from Jerusalem and their temple
a farm worker who was the first king annointed by Samuel but turns out to be unfaithful
She urges her daughter-in-law not to accompany her back to Israel because of the misery that surely awaits them there, and helps one of them get a new husband
In sacrifical ritual, an animal's blood signified....
life itself
stories of brutal warfare in the book of Joshua are
not intended to give us moral direction about war
The Israelites renewed the covenant here just before Joshua died
David could have done what to Saul?
kill him, but he instead spares him
The whole colection of laws from Exodus to Deuteronomy are called...
the Mosiac Law, the Law, and the Law of Moses
The biblical books called the Deutoronomic history include...
Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, and 1& 2 Kings
A man consecrated to God from birth and forbidden to cut his hair or consume strong drink
Gideon's son, who murders all but one of his brothers after Gideon's death
The Holiness code is contained here
Balaam's oracle refers to this coming from Jacob
God's promise that David's royal line of descendents will endure forever
Davidic covenant
What was the point in God asking that Gideon scale down his army?
Because the Israelites might credit their victory to their own and not to God's power
Community worship was central in the Israelites' lives because...
it expressed who they were and it bound them together as one family of faith
The point of the sun standing still until Joshua and his army overcome the local kings is that
the Israelites victory was from God
the offering of refuge and aid to the persecuted and the homeless, a practice established by the Israelites that remains a universal custom
nicknamed Jerubbaal, this person leads Israel to victory over the Midianites
This book includes the techings on how to live out the meaning of the Israelites' worship in their relationships
the day of Atonement, celebrated by Jews as the holiest day of the year
Yom Kippur
When does Elijah appear after his death?
at the Transfiguration of Christ
What was the purpose of the Book of Ruth?
to teach how God could create a blessed ending out of a difficult situation and to explain how it came about that King David had a gentile great grandmother
The Holiness Code in Leviticus is a collection of techings that...
show how true worship is expressed in a person's everyday life
The books of Joshua judges and Ruth tell stories about....
the beginnings of the ISraelites' lives in the Promised Land
who multiplies loaves of bread, cures Naaman for leprosy, and raises a child from the dead?
David's place of orgin was...
In the Book of Numbers, who challenges Moses' authority?
Miriam and Aaron
priests in ancient Israel were members of this tribe
Isaiah began speaking to people before what?
the Babylonian exile
reffered to as both a judge and a prophet, this person is the magistrate of the tribe of Naphtali and accompanies Barak in leading an army against Sisera
The book that tells of Israel's wanderings in the wilderness on the way to Canaan
As the Israelites storm Jericho, they...
circle the city 7 times and blow rams horns
who takes Gomer back after separation?
How does Samson die?
He is killed by the collapse of of the Philistine temple, which he caused
From Solomon's death to the Babylonian exile, how were Judah's kings chosen?
By the direct descendents of King David
a time when debts are canceled, and those who have lost their property are given a chance to redeem it
who is angered by and condemns Israel's disregard for God's law?
a generous farmer who marries Ruth
What speaks to Elijah of God's prescence at Horeb?
a gentle breeze
The promised land
A priest at the shrine of Shiloh who is Samuel's mentor
After Samuel becomes a model king, he is...
anxious, instead of trusting and unfaithful to God
Saul's eldest son, whom Abner orginally made king over the Northern tribes
This number of tribes in Israel later became symbolic for Christians.
He kills Amnon for raping Tamar and betrays his father, David
Deuoronomists believe that...
only God is the king of Israel
Who (that we've studied) is a writing prophet
What did the Deutoronomists do for the people of Israel?
gave them a hope for the future
who carries on David's royal line in the south?
the deepest peace of God
The surviving son of Jonathan, he tries to take away the throne from David
The theme of repeated again and again in the Book of Joshua's accounts of amazing victories is that...
the Israelites' arrival in Canaan was a gift from God, not something they could accomplish on their own and that God would remainon the Israelites' side fighting for them in their struggle to claim the Promised Land
Saul's son and David's loyal friend
The books of Samuel and the beginning of the 1st book of Kings...
describe the time of Israel's transition to nationhood and tell stories of David, Saul, and Solomon
Secretly anionted king by Samuel, he is publicly anointed king over all Israel at age 30
A Greek word meaning "second law"
David's son by Basthshema, he succeeds David as king
a Moabite widow who pledges herself to the God of Israel in order to help a family member
To cover up his adulterous affair with Bathsheba, he arranges for the death of this man, Bathsheba's husband
this prayer is called the essence of Judaisim
A prophet who plays an important part in the lives of both David and Solomon, he tells David to postpone the building of the temple
known for great strength, this person starts the Israelites' resistance to the Philistines
David's first born so who rapes his half-sister Tamar
What was David's greatest feat(s)?
unifying the Israelite tribes and ending the Philistine threat
Who (that we've studied) is a nonwriting prophet?
Ruth has a right to glean in Boaz's field because...
the Law requires that gleanings be left for the poor
Why do Deutoronomists have Samson listed among the judges?
to remind the exiles of how their nation, though blessed, had become morally weak, to boost the spirits of the exiles who needed to hear the larger- than-life exploits and to marvel at the kind of people God made use of
the ghost of Samuel prophesies what?
that Saul and his sons will perish in a battle with the Philistines
The book of Judges might be better called...
the book of Delivers