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3 determinisms
-noone will come unless father draws him
-god has mercy on some but hardens others
- all glory to god for our salvation
free will
-everyone who calls on the lord will be saved
-whoever believes in him has eternal life
-humans are accountable
ANE text and sinai law covenant parallels
1. casuistic= case law
(law of retaliation) lex talionis
2.Apodictic- theres no penalty (shall not)
3. yahwistic- grounded in exodus. motive clause, you dont hurt a stranger, widow, or poor
Suzerain & 10 Commandments
1) Preamble
2) Historical Prologue
3) Stipulations
4) Deposit/Public Reading
5) Blessings/Curses
1st king of Israel after split.. made 2 bull calfs
Nadab & Abihu
2 sons of Aaron, illigitamate sacrifice=> burn to death
Miriam & Aaron
Sibblings of Moses against his marriage to a Cushite
Joshua & Caleb
Good spies for Moses checking out Cannan
Dathan and Abiram
rebelled against Moses & Aaron
eaten by earth
place where people put God ot the test
Mesopotamian style prophet.. turned towards Yahweh when eyes were opened.. ridiculed bc he is foreigner.. but blesses Israel... look out for false prophets
"second" "law"
Questions regarding Mosaic Authorship
1) Death account
2) Beyond the Jordan
3) 3rd Person perspective
4) Anachronisms- doesnt fit w/ time
5) Divine Names
6) Doublets and Triplets
7) Style
Interpretations of Questions regarding Mosaic Authorship
1) Knew name but new contents revealed in Exodus
2) Did not know name but editor inserted later
3) sources: divine names