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What did Hannah promise Jehovah in return for giving her a son?
1. She would return her son to God all of the days of his life.
2. Razor should not touch his head and like Samson raised a Narzareth.
What does the name Samuel mean?
Ask of God
What did God warn Eli He was about to do to his sons?
Both of his sons would die on the same day.
What did the Philistines capture from the Israelites?
Ark of Covanent
What is the name of the stone that commemorated Israel's victory over the Philistines?
Ebenezer-means stone of help
Why did the children of Israel demand a king?
1. Samuel's sons were not acceptable to the people.
2. There were increased threats against Israel.
3. Other nations had kings
Under what condition would Nahash make a covenant with the people of Jabesh-Gilead?
The right eye of all the men of Israel be put out.
What vow did Saul make at the Battle of Michmash?
To place a cruse on anyone who stopped to eat anything that day until the enemey was conquered. (Saul's son Jonathan ate honey for strength.)
Through what venue was David brought into Saul's court?
Through his musical ability, played a harp, becomes his armor-bearer
What event caused Saul to change his attitude towards David?
David killed the Champion of the Philistines, named Goliath.
What was the reward to the Israelites who defeated Goliath?
1. Great wealth
2. His daughter in marriage
3. Tax exemption
Whose spirit did Saul want the witch of Endor bring up?
Finds out David is the next king
Where did the death of Saul occur?
Mount Gilboa
Three sons killed
Who was the youngest son of Saul with whom David fought?
What tragedy occurred while the ark was in transit?
The oxen stumbled, Zzah put his hand to steady the ark and fell dead.
Should have let the levites carry the ark.
What were the results of the curse David put on Michal?
She was unable to have children.
After the ark was brought to Jerusalem, what did David want to do for God?
Build God a house, (a great temple) of cedar wood to worship Jeovah.
What did God promise David through Nathan?
David's dynasty would be permanent.
With whom did David commit the sin of adultery?
Who rebuked David for his sin of adultery?
Nathan the prophet.
What was the name of David and Bathsheba's second child?
(first child died) Solomon
Against whom did Amnon commit his violent sin?
Tamar/raped his 1/2 sister
Who killed Amnon?
Who was responsible for killing Absalom?
Joab-against David's command
Hair got caught in the oak tree
Which of David's sons declared himself to succeed his father as king?
Before his death, what did David delegate to Solomon?
Task of building the temple
What request did Solomon make of God while in Gibeon?
Asked God for wisdom to govern the people
What were the three principal rooms in Solomon's temple?
1. Inner Sanctuary-holy place or holiest of holies, ark or covenant
2. Holy place-main hall or sanctuary, altar of incense, 10 golden tables of show bread
3. Portico-two large bronze pillars
What happened after Solomon's dedicatory prayer at the temple?
fire came down from Heaven and consumed the burnt offerings and sacrfices.
Arrange the events at the dedication of Solomon's temple?
1. Mass assembly
2. Ark brought into the temple
3. Many sacrifices
4. Praise
5. Glory cloud covers temple
6. Solomon's short speech and long prayer
7. Many more sacrifices
8. Fire upon altar
9. Feast
Who was the enemy who eventually was raised up to oppose Solomon?
1. Hadad-Edomite
2. Rezon-hostile to Israel
3. Jeroboam-was the WORST advocacy.
What books are the primary sources for the period of captivity?
Ezekiel and Daniel
5 Benefits of the period of captivity?
1. A revival of monothism
2. New respect of the law of Moses
3. Birth of Synagoue
4. A revival of personal religion
5. Quickening or expectation messanic hope
Religious crisis Babylonian exile pose for the Hebrews
1. Hebrews were tempted with the materalistic prosperity of Babylonians
2. Hebrews were faced with this question.."Could Jeovah be worshiped in a foregin land?"
Prophets who prophesied during the Babylonian exile
Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeramaih
Babylonian name for hananiah?
Babylonian name for Mishael?
Babylonian name for Azariah?
How did Daniel avoid execution by Nebuchadneszzar?
By interpreting his dream
Request Daniel made to Nebuchadnezzar on behalf of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?
Asked the king to place them in charge of the affairs of Babylon.
Punishment of Sharach, Meshach, and Abednego?
Thrown in a firey furnance
Strange event that occurred during Belshazzar's feast?
The fingers of a human hand wrote on a wall.
Meaning of the words at Belshazzar's feast? Meme
To count
Meaning of the words at Belshazzar's feast? Tekel
To weigh
Meaning of the words at Belshazzar's feast? Persin
To divide
Language that emerged during Babylonian exile?
Prophets of the Exile
Daniel and Ezekial-Babylon
Jeremaih-Eygpt and Jerusalem
What is the last event referred to in the Old Testament?
Accession of Persian king Darius II
Who was the leader of the first group to return to the Promise Land?
Zerubbael - Prince of the house of David
What inspired the Jews to return to Jerusalem?
1. Their religious impulse
2. National pride
3. Prophets predicted the return Isiah, Jerimaih, and Zechariah
4. Encouraged to return
Upon returning to Jerusalem, what feast did the Jews celebrate?
Feast of Tabernacles "Booths"
Who were the "enemies" who tried to help rebuild the Temple?
Who were the prophets of the restoration?
Haggi and Zechariah
What does the story of Esther describe?
Welfare of the exiles that didn't return to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple.
Who built the first temple and in how long, and who built the second temple and how long?
What feast was begun to celebrate deliverance from Haman?
Feast of purim
(Esther saved the Jews on Faith)
Who led the second group to Jerusalem?
Ezra 458 BC (58yrs between when Zerubbabel came) Spiritually through the law of Moses.
Who suggested a new covenant with Jehovah?
2nd result of intermarriages
What relationship did Nehemiah have to king Artaxerxes?
Who were the two that were unhappy about the Jerusalem walls being rebuilt?
Sanballat and Tobiah
How did Nehemiah help relieve the poor of financial oppression?
By giving back to the poor people their lands and stopping interest payments on the loans to the poor people.
How long did it take to complete the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem?
52 days
12 tribes were assigned sections of the walls. (140 days laid in ruin)
What was the first feast the Israelites observed after the rebuilding of the walls?
Feast of Tabernacles or Booths
What is the Interbiblical period?
Period of time that occurred between the closing of the OT and the beginning of the NT. Closing-Malachi and Nememiah
How long did the Interbibical period last?
400 years
Who conquered the Persian Empire?
Alexander the Great of Greece
What was Alexander's main contributions?
Spreading of the Greek culture and language to the near East
What had become such an important part of the Jewish life that they could no longer speak or read the Hebrew language?
Hellenism-Greek way of life, Enjoyed life, poetry, staduims, and theater.
What problems did Hellenism cause for the Jews?
1. Could they except Hellenism and remain loyal to the faith of their fathers. 2. Hebrew tongue gave away to the Greek Language.
Who were the members of the diadochoi who succeeded alexander?
1. Antigonus
2. Cassander
3. Ptolemy
4. Lysimachus
The student will need to be able to recognize the names of the leaders of the Ptolemaic Dynasty
1. Ptolemy I-Ptolemy Soter
2. Ptolemy II-Philadelphus
3. Ptolemy III-Eurgetes
4. Ptolemy IV-Philopator
5. Ptolmey V-Epiphanes
Under Philadelphus, what translation was completed?
Septuagint-a Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament
What was Herod's greatest service to the Jews?
Rebuilt the temple and some of the walls