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how many books are there in the library called, old testament
what was the time frame in which the old testament came to being
Abraham/Sarah to Daniel, about two thousand years
in what languages was the old testament written
Hebrew and Aramaic
what is the principal literary vehicle used in the old testment
what other literary vehicles were used in the old testament
law, poetry, wisdom liturature
what does the word, canon, mean in reference to the old testament
the books in the Old Testament "measure up," are accepted
is there any known original of any book of the old testament
what is the probable relation between oral tradition and the written form we now have of the old testament
first, the Event, then the Oral Tradition, Then the Written Tradition
how may the study of archaeology help in understanding the old testament
We can learn things about real life that may not be in the writings
describe the grographic area known in biblical studies as "The Fertile Crescent"
Persian Gulf northwest along the Tigris-Euphrates valleys to their head, sout/southwest paralleling the Jordan River, south/southwest to the Nile River valley
name several terms that have been used to describe "The Promised Land"
"Canaan", "The Land of Israel", "Palestine", "Israel"
What does the term, "Primeval History" mean when talking of the book of Genesis
what is told about before writing is invented
Describe the life pilgrimage of the persons we know as "Abraham and Sarah"
From Ur to Haran to the Promised Land to Egypt, with faith in the God who had chosen them
describe the family of Jacob
Two wives, two other women, twelve sons and a daughter, rather dysfunctional
About how much time lapse is there between Jacob's family settling in Egypt and their descendants leaving Egypt
Four centuries
Land to Egypt, with faith in teh God who had chosen them
what was the possible relationship between Egypt's rulers and the Jacob's family/descendants
the may have common ancestors
describe the importance of the Exodus "event" for the Old Testament as a whole...
It is the basic event that keeps being brought up and reinterpreted
describe the function of the ten commandments in their relationship with other laws in the old testament and in the life of the people of moses, using the comparison with political history in the US and its inhabitants today.
we've done this over and over in class
tell where to find the ten commandments in the old testament
Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5
what books in the old testament make up "The Pentateuch"
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
what are the major themes in the Pentateuch
Covenant concept
What are the differing stories found in Joshua and Judges about the "Conquest" of the land of Canaan by the People called, "Israel"
entire land conquered vs. entire land never conquered
How did the Gibeonites become part of the People of Israel
tricked Israel into an unchangeable covenant
What was the function of the Judges in the book of Judges
judging and military leadership
Describe how the "Conquest" of the Land of Canaan may have taken place
"Biblical invasion, Peaceful infiltration, Peasant revolt, Canaanites turned Israelites
Describe the various important things that Samuel did during his lifetime
Prophet-Judge, Kingmaker, Kingbreaker
What are the sources in the Old Testament for the history of the Kings and Kingdoms, beginning with the figure of Samuel
Samuel, Kings, Chronicles
How can the claim be made that God never wanted the People of Israel to have a king
I Samuel 8 says so
what were the other newcomers in the land of Canaan called, with whom the People of Israel had long and enduring conflicts
what was the one important advantage these newcomers had
they had/worked iron
describe the relationship between King Saul and the to-be-King David
off-on, friend-enemies
Name and describe some of the women in the life of David
Ahinoam the Jezreelite, Abigail the Carmelite, Haggith, abital, wife Eglah, Bath-shua
Name and describe some of David's children
How long did the reigns of King Saul, King David, and King Solomon last
Approx. 100 years
give the approximate dates of their reigns
Saul (1020-1012 BC)
David (1012-972 BC)
Solomon (971-931 BC)
what was David's way of unifying the Tribes of Israel into a Kingdom
Personal loyalty
what was that Kingdom's capital city, and how did it come into being
Jerusalem, the Ark of the covenant was brought to the city of Jerusalem and when he capture Jerusalem, he captured people who had been trained by Egypt to run the government
Compare the dwelling that Solomon built for himself with the Temple he built for God
palace is more than twice as long and wide as the Temple
How did Solomon consolidate his international power beyond that which David accomplished
International political marriages
how did the Kingdom that David and Solomon organized affect the everyday life of the families of the People of Israel
Taxes, personal servitude, standing army, periodical wars
what were the circumstances that led to the division into two kingdoms of the kingdom over which Solomon had reigned
Solomon's son/successor, Rehoboam refused to lower taxes
What was the kingdom called over which David's and Solomon's descendants reigned
Did any descendant of David and/or Solomon ever reign over the Northern Kingdom
what was the name of the capital city of the Southern Kingdom
What was the other Kingdom called
what was the name of the capital city of the Northern Kingdom
Describe the location of these two Kingdoms, in relation to each other and to the world which surrounded them
Northern Kingdom: bordered by Syria Southern Kingdom bordered by Northern Kingdom
Which kingdom had more strategic advantages, militarily and economically
Northern Kingdom
What were some of those advantages
International roads, better farm/pasture land, larger of the 2
What sort of advantages did the other Kingdom have
Religious capital, political capital, Davidic kings
how did the two Kingdoms relate to each another over the next centuries
off/on, war/peace, enemies/allies
How did Syria and its capital, Damascus, relate to the Northern Kingdom
off/on, war/peace, enemies/allies
What were the names of the two well-known non-writing prophets to the Northern Kingdom
Elijah, Elisha
What was the name of the writing prophet from the Southern Kingdom whose prophetic ministry was to the Northern Kingdom in the Eighth Century BCE
How did that prophet structure the first part of his message, in relation to Kingdoms and Cities
Named surrounding enemy nations their sins and punishments
what was the name of the other contemporary writing prophet to the Northern Kingdom
how did that prophet's family and marital problems relate to his message from God
Hosea's marriage to Gomer was like YHWH's marriage to Israel
What was the name of the Empire which came into being along the Tigris-Euphrates River, that threatened Syria, the Northern Kingdom and to some extent, the Southern Kingdom
What was teh name of King Ahab's wife that caused Elijah so many problems
how did Elijah cope with her
At first, he ran from her
Name the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel who attained a unique position in the Southern Kingdom
What was that position, and how was it unique
she was the only Queen they ever had
describe how the Northern Kingdom ended
Assyria conquered it
what happened to those of the Northern kingdom's peoples that were taken into captivity
they were scattered over the Assyrian Empire
what was the name of the "Boy King" of the Southern Empire
what important religious discovery took place during his reign
the "scroll" of the Law of the Lord
what was the name of the Empire which replaced the Assyrian Empire
what did it orginate
Along the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers
when did it first succeed in conquering the Southern Empire
596-586 BCE
what advice did the prophet Jeremiah consistently give to his King, Zedekiah, when the Southern Kingdom was menaced and attacked
How do you know that Jeremiah was not happy over the Fall and destruction of Zedekiah's entire Empire
He "composed" the Book of Lamentations
what is unusual about who "speaks" in Jeremiah's Lametations
Jerusalem itself speaks
during the life of the Assyrian Empire, it had two capital cities. Name them
Asshur and Ninevah
Is it true that the Babylonians are called "Chaldeans" in the OT
"Jeremiah prophesied redemption when he bought family property in Anathoth." How is that statement true
he had faith that the land covenant would be reinstated
describe the theory that say that the Book of Isiah had more than one author
Two (or 3) time frames, Two (or 3) perspectives
how was it that the prophet Ezekiel, in the written message that bears his name, was first a prophet of doom and then a prophet of hope
He prophesied doom and punishment, then when they happened, he prophesied restoration
What religious significance did Cyrus the Great have for the Jews
He claimed to have been sent by YHWH, and he sent them home
The Temple Solomon had built was destroyed in the 590s BCE. A second Temple was dedicated on the same site in 515 BCE. Who were the prophet leaders who led in this effort
Ezra & Nehemiah, Haggai & Zechariah
What vision of a dream become reality do Ezra-Nehemiah portray
A purified (all descendants of Hebrews) people, living in their own ancestral land
How do Esther, Ruth, and Jonah "respond" to the vision of Ezra-Nehemiah
They were all faithful Jews, non-Hebrews racially, living elsewhere
Compare the perspectives of the Wisdom Literature in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job
How to succeed and become wealthy, How wealth and what it can secure does not ultimately satisfy or indicate God's blessing
Why and how has the presence of The Song of Songs in both the Jewish and Christian Cannons been an embarrassment to both groups
It is too overtly sexy
In what way at the Psalms not like the messages of the Prophets
they are messages from people to God, not from God to people
What Great Empire succeeded in uniting the Fertile Crescent under one rule
Alexander the Great's Empire
What does the term "Hellenes" mean
Greek of Greek-like
In what way did the process of Hellenization cause a division among Jews
Some were for it, many against it
Besides the Jews in their old homeland, there were at least two large and important Jewish colonies in the second century BCE. Where were these colonies located
Babylon and Alexandria (in Egypt)
Who were the last two recorded Jewish Prophets
Obadiah, Malachai
Who was both Prophet and Apocalyptist
Daniel (also Joel and Zechariah)
How does the apocalyptic differ from the prophetic
Prophetic deals (perhaps in figures) with a historical future, while the apocalyptic deals with the End and Beyond