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What were the primary and secondary languages of the Old Testament?
Primary language was Hebrew and secondary language was Aramaic (Daniel and Ezra)
What does the word "testament" mean?
Covenant or will. Old Testament-covenant of God with his people before Christ. New Testament-new covenant made possible through Jesus Christ.
What are the three divisions of the Hebrew Bible?
1. law (Torah)
2. Prophets
3. Writtings
The order of the Old Testament books and the category of which the books belong.
1. Law
2. History
3. Poetry/wisdom literature
4. Major prophets
5. Minor prophets
1 Sammuel
2 Sammuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles
Wisdom Literature
Songs of Solomon
Major Prophets
Minor Prophets
What does canon mean?
Reed or measuring stick. Measuring standard for faith
What were the three subregions of the ancient Near East?
Mesoptamia, Egypt, and Syria-Palenstine
What arch of soil joined subregions of the Near East?
Fertile Crescent
What were the two important considerations in selecting a site for a city?
1. It had to be built on a hill, so they could see the enemies
2. It had to have a good water supply
To what does the term "Pentateuch" refer?
First five books of the Bible. Hebrew-Torah
One literary unit, The law of the prophets "Book of the law" "Book of Moses"
Part one of pentateuch
How can the relationship between God and man be restored? Explains the nature and purpose of man created male and female. Records the intrusion of sin into God's creation. Reveals the character of God who both judges human sin (as witnessed in the flood account) and deals mercifully with fallen crations (as seen in the grace extended to Noah and his family).
Part two of pentateuch
Abraham. Explains how Israel (through Abraham) became the elect covenant people of Yahweh. Displays God's instrument for revealing Himself and restoring the broken and corrupt relationship between the Creator and His creation.
What does the Pre-existent Christ mean?
Jesus Christ co-existed with God from the beginning of time. Jesus was there but not his time yet.
What does the word Genesis mean?
1. Generation
2. source
3. Origin
What is the Gap theory?
Says there is a gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. the gap is a several billion years old (3-5 billion years). God brought the earth inot existence in a dateless time, six days of creation. Original creation and recreation.
What are some advantages of the gap theory?
1. It makes room for the geologicl ages. 2. Reconciles Genesis 1 with modern science by allowing all the geoloical ages with in the gap. 3. Since man was created after the gap, he is more recent. 6th day.
What are some disadvantages of the gap theory?
1. Hebrew test does not support this theory
2. There is no confirmation from the geology
3. No scripture that supports this view
What is the Day-Age theory?
Accepts the age of the earth as 3-5 billion yeras old. Each day is an extend period of time. Day 1-250 million years, Day 2-300 million years
What are some advantages of Day-Age theory?
1. It does allow fo the age of the earth
2. Presents a similarity between the order of events of Genesis 1 and the order of events reconstructed by modern geology.
What are some disadvantages of Day-Age theory?
1. Yom is used in the Hebrew test which means a 24 hour day.
2. Most of the animals that lived would have been extincted by the time Man came along.
3. The Bible Clearly teaches that death of man and animals caused by the sin of Adam.
What is the Revelatory Day theory?
Also called the motion picture theory. 6 Days of creation in Genesis aren't the actually the days of creation, rather these days God Revealed to Moses the facts of creation. Accpts the age of the universe as 3-5 billion years old. Doesn't have a problem with 24 hour day. Removes creation form the these days and presents it as a motion picture.
What are some advantages of Revelatory Day theory?
1. Reconciles the 6 days of Genesis and removes chronological order.
2. Does not promote a sequential order.
What are some disadvantages of Revelatory Day theory?
1. Highly spectualative
2. No positive scripture support
3. It tries to reconcile scripture with science. Explains God through science.
What is the Phenomenal language theory?
You speak of things as you see them, not as they actually are. That is sheer folly to try to use science to explain creation because Moses used phenonmenal language. Science can be used for technique (carbon dating).
What is an advantages of Phenomenal Language theory?
1. It seems to get rid of all the problems between science and scripture.
What is an disadvantage of Phenomenal language theory?
Does not do justice to the text of the scripture. Not treated seriously
What is Recent Creationism?
The earth was created in a mature state. Appears to be older than really is. God created things in a mature state. Created man, not baby.
What is an advantage of Recent Creationism?
1. Does do justice to the text, 24 hour day
What are some disadvantage to Recent Creationism?
1. Clearly cuts across of the majority of modern scientific opinion.
2. Very few scientist believe this view.
What was created the first day?
God created light and separated the light from the darkness.
Light-Day, and Dark-night
What was created the second day?
Created the heavens (atmosphere) and ferement Sky
What was created on the third day?
Water separated from land and earth was covered with vegetation. Land-earth, water-seas
What was created on the fourth day?
Luminares-sun, moon, and stars--to govern day and night and changing of seasons.
What was created on the fifth day?
Fish and birds
What was created on the sixth day?
Animals-starting with lower forms and moving up.
Man-made man in our image/ in our likeness (1st glimpse of Jesus) Adam means man.
What is the meaning of the word "Sabbath"?
To cease, not seventh. Sundown Friday-sundown Saturday. Changed to Sunday when Jesus rose from dead.
In what ways did humankind change after the first sin?
1. Man (woman too) lost his original innoncence. Sin affected everything.
2. They lost their immediate access to God's presence (heard his footprints)
3. They lost the peaceful paradise and freedom of the Garden of Eden.
What were the penalties of sin?
1. Serpent, was to crawl on his belly and eat the dust of the earth.
2. Woman was forced to occupy place of subordination to man and pains in child birth.
3. Man was condemned to a life of toil and suffering
What were the two types of sacrifices in the Old Testament?
Blood-something has to atone for sins
Peace-offering of the fruits of the ground.
Through whom did the chosen people of God come?
Seth-get the religious leaders from Israel.
Where did Noah's ark come to rest?
Mountain ararat
Rainbow-God will never destroy man again.
What does the word "patriarch" mean?
Ruling father
Oldest member of tribe rules
In what city did Abraham live when first mentioned?
What were the features of the promise God gave Abraham?
1. God would make him a great nation.
2. God would give him a great name.
3. He would be a blessing to all nations.
4. He would give a land for all his descendants.
Where would Abraham eventually establish his home?
From whon did Lot need to be rescued?
Chedorlaomer and his 3 confederates
What covenant did Jehovah enter into with Abraham?
He would give land to Abraham and his descendants.
With whom did Sarai suggest that Abraham bear a child and what was the child's name?
Have a child with the servant, Hagar and have Ishmael.
What were the sign and seal of the covenant between Jehovah and Abraham?
What does the name Sarah mean?
How old were Abraham and Sarah when Isaac was born.
What was Abraham's ultimate test of faith?
Offer his son (25) as a bunt offering. Ram takes his place.
What name did Abraham give the place of sacrifice and what does that name mean?
Will provide
Who was selected to be Isaac's wife?
What are the meanings of the names Esau and Jacob?
Esau--Hairy and Rough 1st born
Jacob--He who hold by the heel, supplanter, chizzler, and racketeer, quite one
What two events characterized the early years of Jacob's life?
1. He purchases Esau's birthright
2. He deceived his blind father to steal Esau's blessing.
What two advantages were afforded the one who possessed the birthright?
1. Given a double portion of the property
2. The privilege of leadership of family and tribe.
Why was Jacob's stop at Bethel significant?
God spoke to him and renewed the covanent promise. Jacob's ladder
Why was Jacob's stop at Haran significant?
He met Rachel
How many kids did Jacob have.
12 boys and 1 girl
Who were the children Leah had with Jacob?
5. Issachar
6. Zebulun
7. Dinah
Who were the children of Bilhah?
1. Dan
2. Naphtali
Who were the children of Zilpah?
1. Gad
2. Asher
Who were the children of Rachel?
1. Joseph
2. Benjamin
Locationof Esau's settlement?
Meaning of Mahanaim?
This is God's Camp
Place where Jacob becomes Israel?
Jabbok river
Meaning of Israel
Prince of God
Meaning of Peniel?
Face of God
Meaning of Succoth?
Where Jacob called for purification of people?
At Shechem
Meaning of El-bethel?
God of Bethel
Place of Rachel's death?
Meaning of Benjamin?
Son of the right hand
Three reasons why Joseph's brothers were Jealous of him?
1. He told his father the activity of his brothers
2. He was the favortie of his father. Got the coat of many colors
3. Had had two dreams that he was elevated above his brothers, mother, and father.
Which of Joseph's brothers spoke up for him?
Once in Eygpt, to whom was Joseph sold?
Potiphar-officer of pharoh
The significant fellow prisoners of Joseph?
The cupbearer and baker
Conditions for distributing grain to his brothers?
Simeon would remain behind until Benjamin could come take his place.