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억 [億]
one hundred million 100;000;000
대량살상무기 [大量殺傷武器 ]
대량 [大量]
large quantity; mass
살상 [殺傷]
killing and wounding
무기 [武器]
a weapon; firearm
요원 [遙遠∙遼遠]
distant; remote; far off[away].
행위 [行爲]
an act; an action; a deed; [행실] behavior; conduct; [소행] a work; ((one's)) doings
연루 [連累]
implication; involvement; complicity
근교 [近郊]
the suburbs; the outskirts
상자 [箱子]
a box; a case; a casket
go by way of[via; through]; pass through
경유 [輕油]
light-oil; gasoline
각지 [各地]
every place; various places
인용 [引用]
quotation; citation
군부 [軍部]
the military
정보 기관 [情報機關]
intelligence agency
동양 [東洋]
the Orient
운영 [運營]
operation; management; administration; conduct
지지 (支持)
support; maintenance; upholding; backing; espousal; underpinning
공화제(도) (共和制(度))
a republican form of government
대규모 (大規模)
a large[big; great; huge; grand] scale; an extensive scale.
노동자 (勞動者)
laborer; wage earner; worker
반대 (反對)
opposition; resistance; antagonism; hostility
명명 (命名)
naming; christening
강행 (强行)
enforcement; forcing; enforcing.
spread; unfold; stretch
촬영 (撮影)
photographing; a shot; a take
화면 (畵面)
a picture; scene
요청 (要請)
a demand; requirement; request; claim
조직 (組織)
(an) organization; formation; construction
full; fully; to capacity
begin; open; start; make a start; to hold (an event)
참가 (參加)
participation; joining; adherence; entry;
(not) by any means; by no means; not nearly ((so)); ((none)) at all; utterly; ((cannot)) possibly.
기반 (基盤)
base; a basis ; a foundation
mutually; reciprocally; with each other(주로 두 사람); with one another
금융 (金融)
money; circulation of money; the money market[situation]; the credit situation[conditions]; finance.
지구 (地球)
the earth; the globe
깃발 (旗−)
a flag; a banner
a placard; a sign
문구 (文句)
words; terms; a phrase; an expression; [문장] a sentence
일부 (一部)
a part; a portion; a section; a division; an installment; a branch; a limb
하원 (下院)
the Lower House[Chamber]; [영국의] the House of Commons; [일본∙미국의] the House of Representatives;
하원의원 (下院議員)
U.S. representative; Congressman
통과 (通過)
passage; passing; a pass; transit; carriage
상징 (象徵)
a symbol; an emblem; [형태로 나타내기] symbolic representation.
의미 (意味)
(a) meaning; (a) sense; signification; significance
정각 (正刻)
the exact time
돌입 (突入)
inrush; a thrust(into)
의원 (議員)
a member of an assembly
각종 (各種)
each[every] kind; all sorts
증언 (證言)
verbal evidence; oral evidence[testimony; deposition]; [증인의 진술] testimony; witness
증거 (證據)
evidence; (a) proof; witness; (a) testimony
유일 (唯一)
the only; the sole ((survivor)); the one (and only); solitary; single; unique; exclusive
기소 (起訴)
prosecution; indictment; accusation; [민사상의] litigation; legal proceedings
평결 (評決)
verdict; a decision; a deliverance
논의 (論議)
(a) discussion; (an) argument; (a) debate
연방 (連放)
a federation; a confederation; a union; a commonwealth; a federal state
연방 (連放)
successively; in succession; without interruption; without a break; repeatedly.
배심 (陪審)
종신 (終身)
a whole life; one's life; [죽음] the end of life; one's death
종신형 (終身刑)
a life sentence
선고 (宣告)
announcement; pronouncement; [판결을 알림] a sentence; a verdict;
표정 (表情)
(an) expression; a look.
결심 (決心)
determination; resolution;
내용 (內容)
content(s); substance; (subject) matter; import(취지); details(상세); depth(
청중 [聽衆]
an audience; an attendance; hearers; auditors.
정숙 [靜肅]
silence; stillness; quiet; hush
반응 [反應]
counteraction;《化》(a) reaction; [반향] a response; [효과] an effect.
경청 [敬聽]
listening courteously.
경청 [傾聽]
listening closely.
법정 [法廷]
a (law) court; a court of justice[law]; a courtroom; a tribunal; a judgment hall; the bar
박수 [拍手]
hand clapping; (a) clapping of hands; a handclap.
황제 (皇帝)
an emperor; a crowned head; phenom; legend; superstar
영원 (永遠)
eternity; perpetuity; permanence; immortality
이별 (離別)
parting; separation; farewell; [이혼] divorce
부친 (父親)
one's father
투병 (鬪病)
a fight[struggle] against a disease
전립선암 (前立腺癌)
prostatic cancer
게재 (揭載)
publication; insertion; printing.
so; so much; like that; to such an extent
a kinsman; a relative; kin
급속 [急速]
rapidity; swiftness; promptitude
초기 [初期]
the early days[years]; the beginning.the first[initial; incipient; early] stage.
극복 [克服]
conquest; subjugation.
방사선 치료[放射線 治療]
radiation treatment
우승 [優勝]
the victory; championship
참관 [參觀]
a visit; inspection; witnessing
통상 [通常]
normally; usually; generally; commonly; under normal conditions; as a general rule
occupy; hold; have; possess; get; take up
병세 [病勢]
the condition of a disease
병세 [兵勢]
military force; the number of soldiers; an army; force; troops
결국 [結局]
an end; a close; a finish; a termination; a conclusion; after all; ultimately
당시 [當時]
at that time
행운 [幸運]
(a stroke of) good fortune; (good) luck; propitious fate; ((美)) a lucky[good] break
지체 [遲滯]
(a) delay; retardation; procrastination;
감명 [感銘]
a deep impression
인생 [人生]
human life[existence]; man's life; life
brilliant; masterly; magnificent; worthy; admiralable; great