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Patient has globular swelling in left groin, swelling is inferior to inguinal ligament and lateral to pubic tubercle
What type of hernia is this
What forms anterior layer of rectus sheath above and below arcuate line
Above - external + internal
Below - external + internal + transverse
What forms posterior layer of rectus sheat above and below arcuate line
Above - internal + transverse
Below - transversalis fascia
Which ligaments come from ventral mesentery
Lesser omentum
Which ligaments come from dorsal mesentery
Greater omentum
Mesentery of small intestine
Transverse mesocolon
Sigmoid mesocolon
Thoracic splanchnic nerves preganglionic CVE fibers have cell bodies
Thoracic splanchnic nerves preganglionic sympathetic GVA fibers have cell bodies in
Greater splanchnic nerve enters
celiac ganglion
Lesser splanchnic nerve enters
aorticorenal ganglion
Least splanchnic nerve enters
renal plexus
56 year old man presents with severe epigastric pain and severe blood loss in vomitting . Dx?
Rupture of esophageal varices
Intestinal and lumbar lymph trunks drain into
Cysterna chyli - part of thoracic duct
Inguinal canal boundaries
Floor - inguinal ligament
Also inferior epigastric and rectus abdominis muscle
Superficial inguinal ring formed by aponeurosis of
external abdominal oblique muscle
Which vessel provides arterial branches supplying suprarenal gland
Suprarenal gland has blood supply from 3 arteries :
-superior - from inferior phrenic
-middle - from aorta
-inferior - from renal artery
Which nerves carry most of sensory fibers from costal part of diaphragm
Lower 6 intercostal
Innervation of cremasteric muscle
Obturator nerve emerges from
Medial side of psoas
Obturator nerve levels
Blood supply of lesser curvature of stomach
Right + L gastric
Ureter crosses testicular artery
posteriorly or anteriorly
posteriorly - "water under bridge"
Which arteries come from gastroduodenal
Right gastroepiploic + superior pancreaticoduodenal
Right kidney is in contact with which part of duodenum
Autonomic innervation to cecum
Superior mesenteric ganglion
Where do cell bodies of preganglionic parasympathetic neurons involved in innervation of sigmoid colon reside
Sacral spinal cord
Lymphatic drainage of liver goes to
Celiac nodes
Hepatopancreatic ampulla empties into which segment of duodenum
Which artery supply proximal transverse colon
Superior mesenteric
Lymph from stomach will go to which nodes
Portal vein is union
Superior mesenteric and splenic veins
Level of male nipple
What passes through diaphragm with aorta
Azygos vein
Thoracic duct
At T12
Which pleura is insensitive to pain
What is contained in pleural cavity
Serous fluid
During bypass surgery involving LAD which vein can be damaged
Great cardiac
Middle cardiac vein runs with
Posterior interventricular artery
Small cardiac vein runs with
Marginal artery
Infarct is in the region that includes both left and right ventricles near base of heart. Blockage of which vessel caused it?
Posterior interventricular
Where on thoracic wall would you place stethoscope to listen to mitral valve
Left fifth intercostal space
What structure opens directly to left atrium
Pulmonary veins
Termination of pleura at scapular line
12 th rib
Patient has infarction involving left marginal artery. Which structures affected
Left ventricle only
Sympathetic cardiac nerves are branches of which part of sympathetic chain
Effect of parasympathetic system on heart
Decrease HR
Constrict coronary vessels
Which lymph nodes drain breast
Axillary + parasternal
Landmarks for location of spleen
Midaxillary line and 10th rib
ribs 9-11
Which organ located along posterior wall of lesser sac
Root of mesentery forms boundary for which space
Right infracolic
What makes thoracic vertebra atypical
Presense of full articulating facet on the body
At midclavicular line pleura ends at
8th rib
Which part of the lung does bronchial artery belong to
Patient has pericardial effusion, where is it located?
Between parietal and visceral layers
Sternopericardial ligament is located in
Anterior mediastinum
Pectinate muscle is located within
Right atrium
Which coronary vessel supplies diaphragmatic surface of heart
Posterior interventricular
What delivers blood to left atrium
pulmonary veins
24 year old male presents with penetrating stab wound immediately to left of 4th thoracic vertebrae. Which structure in most danger?
Descending aorta
Extent of trachea
What provides blood to esophagus
Thoracic aorta
Which lymph nodes contain lymph only from right lung
Right bronchopulmonary
Levels of sympathetic innervation of heart
GVA axons that course with GVE's in vagus nerve have cell bodies in
Inferior ganglion of vagus
Which artery supplies right and left ventricles as well as anterior 2/3 of IV septum
Where does the foreign object usually lodge
Right primary bronchus
What determines coronary dominance
Posterior interventricular artery
Which vein drains sternocostal surface of heart and courses with LAD
Great cardiac vein
SVC located in
middle mediastinum
Pain innervation to costal pleura
Intercostal nerves
Pain innervation to mediastinal pleura
Phrenic nerve
Which structure passes both through superior and inferior thoracic apertures
A man has injury near his xiphoid process, which dermatome damaged? if it gets infected, which lymph nodes involved
Surgeon places finger in transverse sinus, which vessels are in front of his finger
Aorta and pulmonary trunk
Sympathetic cardiac nerves carry GVE fibers with cell bodies in
Preganglionic - IML
Postganglionic - sympathetic chain
Where do you listen for aortic valve
Right second intercostal space
Smoker presents with cough. Enlarged left superior tracheobronchial nodes, which lobe involved?
Upper left
At scapular line pleura ends at
T 12
Ascending lumbar veins provide communication between which veins
IVC and azygos
Thoracic duct goes through which opening of diaphragm
Aortic hiatus T12
Which vessel empties directly to SVC
Azygos vein
Female presents with stab wound along thoracic wall on the right side in 2nd intercostal space at midclavicular line. What is damaged?
Upper lobe of right lung
What is most anterior in superior mediastinum
Left brachiocephalic vein
Umbilicus level
Femoral artery provides which vessel to abdominal wall
Superficial epigastric
Which organ is primarily retroperitoneal
Upper recess of lesser sac related to
Thoracoabdominal diaphragm
Patient has abscess that spread to left paracolic gutter, what will prevent abscess to go to left subphrenic space
Phrenicocolic ligament
Middle suprarenal artery arises from
Iliohypogastric nerve level
Patient presents with stab wound underneath 12th rib at scapular line on the left. Whats damaged
Lesser splanchnic nerve levels
Which nerve sens preganglionic sympathetic fibers to suprarenal medulla
Greater splanchnic
Lymph from testes drains into which nodes
Which part of duodenum is retroperitoneal
2, 3, 4
Parasympathetic innervation of large intestine
Vagus + pelvic splanchnic
Blood supply to pancreas
SMA + celiac
What two vessels anastomose at marginal artery of Drummond
Portal venous system enters liver at
porta hepatis
Which autonomic ganglia innervates large intestine
Superior and inferior mesenteric
Stab wound to anterior aspect of lower right quadrant of abdomen could lead to damage of what
On the surface of chest doctor can locate apex of heart at
Left fifth intercostal space slightly medial to nipple line
Name muscles of inspiration
Serratus posterior
Pectoralis major,
Serratus anterior
Greater splanchnic nerve contains what kind of fibers
GVA + preganglionic sympathetic GVE
White rami contain what kind of fibers and where are the cell bodies
Preganglionic sympathetic GVE + GVA, cell bodies IML + DRG
Sympathetic chain ganglions contains cell bodies of what neurons
Postganglionic sympathetic
Which chamber occupies entire posterior surface of heart
Left atrium
Circumflex branch of left coronary artery supplies
posterior portion of left ventricle
Anterior cardiac vein drains into
right atrium
Middle and small cardiac veins drain into
cardiac sinus
Pulmonary veins drain into
left atrium
What is other name for moderator band
septomarginal trabecula
First two posterior intercostal arteries are branches of ...
remaining are from
Superior intercostal artery
thoracic aorta
Apex of heart receives blood from
Major muscles of expiration
Hemiazygos vein located in which mediastinum
Arch of azygos vein is in which mediastinum
Bracheocephalic vein, trachea, arch of aorta are in which mediastinum
Why does the needle misses pleura and lungs during pericardiocentesis
Because of cardiac notch
VAN lies between
internal and innermost muscles
Aortic stenosis

Pulmonary stenosis

Deep inguinal ring lies in
transversalis fascia
Gallstones lodged in body can ulcerate where
through posterior wall to duodenum
Gallstones lodged in fundus will ulcerate where
transverse colon
Left umbilical vein becomes
round ligament of liver
Umbilical artery forms
medial umbilical ligament
Which nerve involved in cremasteric reflex