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Who said the quote: "Everything is poison…it is only the dose that makes it not a poison."? (short name)
What does xenobiotic mean?
Foreign to life.
What three levels do toxicologists study?
Enzyme, cellular, and systemic
How wide is the synaptic cleft?
50 nm
Which enzyme performs hydrolysis on an acetylcholine?
How many breaks can acetylcholinesterase perform in one second?
How many impulses can a synapse transmit per second?
Which enzyme puts together the broken pieces together?
Choline acetyltransferase
What does the neurotransmitter dopamine do?
It makes you feel good.
Which neurotransmitter sets the circadian rhythms?
Which neurotransmitter makes your brain "peaceful"?
Which neurotransmitter does Prozac inhibit?
What does Histamine do?
Causes inflammation and causes the blood vessels to dilate.
What color poison is Parathion?
What color poison is Tabun?
What color poison is Curare?
What color poison is Bungarotoxin?
What color poison is Succinylcholine?
What is Succinycholine used for?
muscle relaxant
What is physostigmine used for?
It is used to improve memory of Alzheimer patients and treat glaucoma and myasthenia gravis.
Which bacteria causes Tetanus?
Clostridium tetani
Which bacteria causes Botulinus toxin?
Clostridium botulini
What fixes the thymine dimers in DNA?
DNA Photolase
Which disease results in low amounts of DNA PHotolase?
Xeroderma Pigmentosum
What do X-rays do to the body?
They create radicals.
What is Paraquat?
A herbicide that attacks the electrons in photosynthesis. It is also deadly to animals.
Which Greek committed suicide right before his death sentance?
What was the first medical book?
Ebers Papyrus
How did Sumerians keep their data stored?
On Cuneiform tablets
What does LSD stand for?
Lysergic acid diethylamide
What are the two types of ergot?
Gangrenous and convulsive
What is Latin for "holy fire"?
ignis sacer
What is the term for "ringing in the ears"?
Tinnitus aurium
Who ran the church that people with ergot went to and became cured?
Hugh the Great
Which port was Peter the Great stopped at on the Volga River?
Which drug stops excessive bleeding in childbirth?
What is used as a treatment for migranes?
aka cafergot
WHo is the father of toxicology?
Bonaventura Orfila
What incident resulted in the founding of the FDA?
The mascara incident
Which drug caused terrible birth defects?
Which drug damaged heart valves?
What company ran WWII for the Germans?
IG Farben
Who wrote "Silent Spring"?
Rachel Carson
What part of the eye is attached to the brain?
Optic nerve