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Amino Acids
All living things are compoosed of only 20 amino acids, with the amino group (NH2) common to them all.
What is Nitrous Oxide
a colorless gas at room temperature/pressure, also known as laughing gas.
Nitrogen Oxide
A colorless byproduct fromed in internal combustion engines where high temperatures and pressures are capable of combining the nitrogen and oxygen gasses found in the air.
Nitrogen Dioxide
Also known as smog, this brown gas comes about as nitrogen oxide is spontaneously oxidized in the atmosphere.
Potassium Nitrate
Often referred to as saltpeter, it can be placed directly on the soil as a fertilizer, or when mixed with sulfur and coal forms gunpowder. Saltpeter is prized by both farmers and generals.
Trinitrotoluene - TNT, CH3C6H2(NO3)2
A high explosive used as the explosive charge in shells and bombs.
Nitroglycerin - C3H5(ONO2)3
- Priniciple explosive ingredient in dynamite
- Three times as powerful as an equal amount of gunpowder
- Smokeless
- Explosive wave travels 25 times faster
- Dynamite producers = $$$ because of its high demand (Alfred Nobel -> Nobel Prize -> his fortune still funds it)