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quam + superlative, e. g. quam celerrime
as quickly as possible
sumo, sumere, sumpsi
I take (up); I put on
luceo, lucere, luxi
I shine
litterae, -arum, f. pl.
letters, literature
campus, -i, m.
plain, field
virilis, virile
of men, manly
puerilis, puerile
of boys, childish
toga virilis
the toga of manhood
insignis, insigne
outstanding, distinguished
facilitas, facilitatis, f.
ease, facility
diligentia, -ae, f.
care, diligence
brevis, breve
lex, legis, f.
multitudo, multitudinis, f.
multitude, crowd
ius, iuris, n.
right, justice
tumultus, tumultus, m.
riot, uproar