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A set of ordered pairs
The set of x-coordinates in a relation
The set of y-coordinates in a relation
a relation in which each element of the domain is paired with EXACTLY ONE element in the range
Vertical Line Test
Using a straightedge to represent a vertical line, move the straightedge from left to right on the graph. For each value of x, the vertical line can only pass through ONE point on the graph.
Positive relationship in a scatter plot
points appear to suggest a line that slants upward from left to right
Negative relationship in a scatter plot
points appear to suggest a line that slants DOWNWARD from left to right
No relationship in a scatter plot
points seem to be random
linear equation
an equation with two variables whose graph is a straight line. It has an infinite number of solutions
funtional notation
equations represented as functions and are written in the form "f(x)"
slope of a line
(1) describes steepness
(2) vertical change ÷ horizontal change
change in "y" ÷ change in "x"
diff in y-coord ÷ diff in x-coord
parallel lines
lines that will never intersect because they have the same slope
4 Types of slope
(1) positive
(2) negative
(3) zero
(4) no slope
Zero slope
slope is horizontal line
undefined (no) slope
a vertical line
where the graph crosses the x-axis (y-coordinate is zero)
where graph crosses the y-axis (x coordinate is zero)
where the x-axis and y-axis intersect
slope-intercept form of the line
y = mx + b

where m = slope
and b = y-intercept
standard form of a line
Ax + By = C

A, B, and C are integers and A is positive
system of equations
several linear equations graphed together in the same coordinate plane
solution to a system of equations
the ordered pair that is a solution of ALL linear equations in the system