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Abstract language
Quality of language where meanings can be interpreted differently by different people, even in the same type of situations.
Word formed with the initials of words in a set phrase or name.
Members of a team working together to accomplish a specific goal or task.
Additional words in a sentence that serve as modifiers and help complete the meaning of the sentence; noun in the predicate that refers to the subject or an adjective that describes the subject.
Complex sentence
Statement that includes one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.
Compound-complex sentence
Statement consisting of two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.
Compound sentence
Two independent clauses joined by a comma and a conjunction or a semi-colon.
Writing in a brief but comprehensive manner, using as few words as possible to express the information presented.
Concrete language
Use of words or terms that are precise in meaning.
Revision of a draft or a document for consistency, conciseness, and grammatical accuracy.
Deductive approach
Writing a business letter so that the main idea is presented first, followed by facts and details and a positive, forward-looking closing statement; also referred to as a direct approach.
Key words that are precise or imprecise in the way they describe other words.
Word processing software feature used to highlight words that have been deleted from the text by drawing a double-line through each letter or word that is being highlighted for change.
Ability to understand the feelings or emotions of another person.
Greater importance attached to a particular fact or idea.
Incomplete sentence that is missing a subject or a verb (predicate).
Positive, clear, and courteous communication climate that develops when people work together within the organization or with others outside the organization; favorable attitude and feeling exhibited toward an individual and/or his or her organization.
Inductive approach
Writing a business letter that conveys a negative response or some other form of bad news so that the details are presented first as a buffer, followed by the decision and a forward-looking closing statement; also referred to as an indirect approach.
Technical language pertinent to a specific profession or group.
Nonrestrictive clause
Clause beginning with the relative pronoun which that does not add meaning to the sentence, may be considered parenthetical, and is set off by commas.
Restrictive clause
Clause beginning with who, which, or that necessary for the completeness of the sentence and that does not require a comma before and after the clause.
Technique for highlighting words or sections that have been added to a document.
Expressions that are idiomatic (peculiar to a particular language) that cannot be translated literally into another language.
Word processing software feature that highlights words that have been deleted from the text by drawing a line through each letter or word that should be changed.
Lexicon (dictionary) of similar words or information that focuses on synonyms and antonyms; reference that is helpful in determining other words that have the same meaning as the one being conveyed in the message.
Manner in which a certain attitude is expressed.
Track changes
Word processing software feature that permits editing functions (delete, insert, or move text) and creation of comments that show the writer exactly what editing changes are being recommended.
Coherent flow of ideas existing throughout a document--within sentences, within paragraphs, and between the paragraphs.