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son of odysseus and penelope, this poem is nearly as much about him as it is his father. The story begins with his anger at the suitars who are wasting away his estate. At the encouragement of Athena he begins a journey to search for news of his father. When he returns to Ithaca, he hapls his father overcome the suitors and regain his power.
Princes and nobles from Ithaca and the surrounding islands who take up residence in the house of odysseus waiting for penelope to choose a new husband. This is so important to them because whoever marries her becomes king by transfer of her power
zeus' brother and the god of the sea, he is upset with odysseus first for not offering sufficient sacrigices to him. He is even for unhappy after odysseus blinds his son polyphemus.
The lover of Clytemnestra who kills Agamemnon and who is killed by agamemnons son, orestes, in revenge.
Son of Agamemnon who takes revenge for his father's death by killing his adulterous mother and her lover.
King of Argos who led the Greeks to troy to retrieve his brother menelaus' wife Helen. Upon returning to Argos, he was killed by Aegisthus who plotted with his wife Clytemnestra. His death is avenged by his son Orestes.
Father of athena and king of the gods, he appears a lot in this poem but mostly to give assent to another god who eigther wants to help him or hinder him . He gives athena permission to help odysseus but also strikes odysseus' ship with lighting after he has commited wrongs against the gods.
Adulterous wife of Agamemnon who plots to have him killed
Daughter of Zeus and the goddess of Wisdom. She guides Odyss and Telemachus throughout the poem helping them find their way from place to place and defeat their adversaries. ON several occasions she directly intervenes and enters battle or conflict in the form of a human.
Nymph who kept odyss on her island for many years by means of enchantment. hermes orders her to release him by the authority of zeus at the request of athena. She has him make a raft to jouney on.
Cyclops son of Poseidon who is blinded by odysseus. He is a sheperd who refuses to be a host to odysseus and eats some of him men. He curses odysseus and asks his father for revenge.
messenger of the gods, he delivers the edicts of zeus to gods and mortals. He instructs calypso to release odyss. He also accompanies souls to the land of the dead.
Odysseus wife and mother of telem. She remains loyal to odysseus even after he is gone for twenty years. She constructs elaborate ruses such as weaving and unweaving at a loom.
Old king of pylos who entertains tlemachus and advises him to go seek news of his father from menelaus
king of sparta and husband of helen for whom the trojan war was fought. In this, this person entertains telemachus and gives him news of his father. He also tells the tale of his own journey back from troy.
the head suitor, son of a man odysseus saved from death. He is the first of the suitors to speak at all times and plans to kill telemachus.
The second suitor, who always speaks after aninoos or in place of him.
the old man who is the first to speak at an assembly of ithacans
lord aigyptios
a prophet and seer of the ithacans who speaks at the assembly before telemachus leaves for sparta and pylos.
an older man of ithaca whose from athena takes first to help telemachus travel to pylos and then to help telemachus and odysseus fight the suitors.
Odysseus nurse as a child and a servant in the house. She hides telemachus' jouney.
Nestor's son who accompanies telemachus to sparta
a son of nestor
king of crete who was pictured as a great warrior in the Iliad.
wife of menelaus and the reason the trojan war was fought. in this tale, she drugs the wine of menelaus and tlemchaus so that they will forget their sorrow.
nymph who instucts menelaus how to trap proteus and force him to reveal which of the gods to appease in order to get home
sea god who menelaus camtues in a cave of seals, from whom he learns how to get home.
the god or fire and iron-working. He crafts divine goods for gods and men
the messenger of odysseus' house.
odysseus' father