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What is the purpose of the health history?
gain info for diagnosis and tx
help to prevent an emergency situation
appraisal of pt health and nutritional status
help pt and physician discover any unrecognized disease
Why document records for comparison?
update health history
changes in dental tx reeds
Why furnish evidence in legal cases?
dental chart/records may be subpoena by courts for lawsuits or forensic cases
What are heath history medicolegal notations?
must be completed in blue/black ink
must have correct date
notation of medical alert
signed by pt
evidence that health history has been updated
What is an example in notation of medical alert?
keep records confidential
What are the signature requirements of health history
signed by parent or legal guardian if pt is under age 18
How often should the health hist be updated
every 6 mo
What should be included in health his updates?
tx progress
state if no contraindications
ask pt at every apt if any changes
this is checked at every apt
What are the adv of questionnaire?
saves time
consistent since every pt is asked the same questions
in pts own handwriting-legal benefit
What are disadv of questionnaire?
impersonal, inflexible and may not fit every situation
What are the adv of interview?
ask pt medical hist questions
more opportunity to get details
build rapport with pt
What are the disadv of interview?
takes longer for interview
mayforget to aks a question
some questions may be embarrassing for pt to answer
What are including in using both the questionnaire/interview?
comment section on forms for DH or DS students to explain any positive or "yes" answers
write a health hist summary for the pt
format followed at OUCOD