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what is the max. dose for lidocaine?
Max dose = 300mg (500mg with epinephrine)
what is the max. number of drops per eye for proparacaine?
What is the range of dosing for oral prednisone?

what's the max. a person should take at one time?

If dividing doses, what's the dosing schedule that's most effective?
20-100 mg per day


What's the dosing for Nevanac? Xibrom?

What are they indicated for?

post-cataract sx inflammation and pain
What's the U.S. recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for:

1. non smoking men?
2. non smoking women?
3. smokers?
1. 90 mg/day
2. 75 mg/day
3. add 35 mg/day to the above
There has been no reported issues with doses of vitamin C under ____mg but caution needs to be taken in patients with _______ and _______.
2000; thalassemia and anemia (and pregnant and nursing women)
What's the recommended daily intake of Vitamin E?
20 mg
What's the recommended dosing for:

1. Lutein
2. Zeaxanthine?

What ratio should we maintain?
1. 10-20 mg/day
2. 2-5 mg/day

Maintain 5:1 ratio
What's the dosing for Lovaza/Omacor? What is this dosing FOR?

What's the amount of omega-3 in these capsules?
QID (effectively acts like a statin at this high of a this dose is for patients with high triglycerides or high cholesterol)

about 900 mg (so 4= around 3600 mg)
What's the recommended amount of omega-3 per day for:

1. healthy patients?
2. Dry eye, AMD, glaucoma patients and overweight patients?
3. How many capsules of Lovaza should a person take for dry eye?
4. Above what dosing increases bleeding time?
5. Above what dosing does serious morbidity occur?
1. Healthy pts without eye disease = 1500mg DHA+EPA per day

2. Pts with DES, AMD, glaucoma, heavy/overweight = 2500-3000mg DHA+EPA per day

3. two

4. 3g DHA+EPA per day

5.>7g DHA+EPA per day
What's the recommended dosing for CoEnzyme Q?
Dose = 30-90mg/day, up to 200-350mg/day
What's the dosing for ginko biloba?
120 mg/day
What's the dose for anthocyanins (Billberry)?
80 mg/day
What's the dose of Vitamin D we should strive for?

What's the definition of vit. D deficiency?

What do you treat deficiency with?

<25-30 ng/ml

Tx deficiency with: 5000IU per day x 3months
What's the general protocol for wet AMD therapy?
-general protocol for Wet-AMD is monthly intravitreal anti-VEGF injections
Non-infectious posterior uveitis typically treated with steroids (which one and what dose?)

What about for chronic cases?
Prednisone 40-80mg PO

-sub-Tenon’s injections and intravitreal implants used for chronic cases
What are the two implants that are FDA approved for chronic non-infectious uveitis? How long do they last?
Retisert: 2.5 years
Ozurdex: few months
What's the contemporary tx for toxoplasmosis? How many weeks?
Bactrim DS (Co-trimoxazole: 800mg sulfamethoxazole + 160mg trimethoprim)...1DS – QD

4-6 weeks
What is tx for cat scratch dz?
Treat with any one of:
• Azithromycin 250mg QD
• Erythromycin 500mg QD
• Bactrim QD
• Ciprofloxacin 20-30 mg/kg BID
• Rifampin 600-900 QD
• Doxycycline 100-200mg BID
What is the tx for CMV retinitis?
CMV Retinitis
1. Systemic Tx with HAART, plus:
2. Induction with valganciclovir(oral) or ganciclovir(IV) for 2-3weeks, followed by oral valganciclovir:

Induction dose of Valganciclovir = 900mg BID
Dose after induction period (until CD4 >100cells/ml) = 900mg QD
What is the tx for toxocariasis?
What is the tx for sarcoidosis?
What is the tx for lyme disease?
1st-line Treatment, any one of:
• Doxycycline 100mg BID
• Tetracycline 500mg QID

If child/pregnant:
• Amoxicillin 500mg TID
• Penicillin G 500mg QID

If allergies to 1st-line Treatment:
• Erythromycin 250mg QID (can also be used in child/pregnant)
• Cefuroxime axetil 500mg BID
If neurological involvement:
• IV Penicillin G (just like Syphilis)