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Which two instruments is Indian Classical music largely based around?
Sitar and tabla.
What name is given to the set of notes used in Indian Classical music?
Rag or raga and tal.
What important features affect the type of rag selected?
Time of day and occasion of the performance.
Describe the melody of Indian Classical music.
How long does a piece of Indian Classical music last for?
Several hours/days.
Is Indian Classical music the same as bhangra?
No - Bhangra is a fusion of Indian Classical music and British pop.
How would you describe a sitar?
An exotic Indian stringed instrument (normally plucked).
What does a sitar player normally play (musically)?
Raga notes/improvised melody. Pitch bends are often used and the music becomes more complicated.
What is a tabla?
Pair of hand drums.
What does a tabla player normally play (musically)?
A complex tal rhythm.
What is a tanpura?
A exotic Indian stringed instrument.
What does a tanpura player normally play (musically)?
A simple drone/accompaniment.
What is a Dhol?
A large Indian drum
What does a Dhol player normally play (musically)?
A bass rhythmic pattern
What does improvisation mean?
Made up. Based around musical notes/ideas.