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what type of volcano is mt st helens
ocean contintent convergent
how do the bowl like structure come about?
it kept building and building until the magma was empty then it collapsed
is yellow stone a volcanic hot spot and if so why is that weird?
no plate
whats a pyroclastic flow
cloud of super heated rocks coming unbelievably fast
whats lahars
volcanic mudflows. Ash and glacier = mud.
is lahars sticky or thick?
very sticky
3 major oceans
pacific ocean
largest, deepest, coldest, oldest
which ocean is the arctic ocean a part of?
atlantic ocean
shallow because of the gulf of mexico and the mediterranian and the MOR
Indian ocean
smallest, pretty deep. Sund-java trench is really deep.
whats the law of the sea
it gives states exclusive economic ownership to ocean that is 200 miles off of the land (oil $)
whats oil and why is off the land sometimes?
rivers flow scum and garbage off shore and the chemical reaction turns it into a liquid (oil) or gas
whats a continental shell and how deep is it?
the area above the continental plate so its shallow its 1-130km deep
whats another good economic reason for the law of the sea besides oil?
whats green house effect
glaciers melt raising the sea level
does everyone live above sea level
whats the abyssal plane
deep flay part of the sea floor it starts after the decline of the continental and the flat part of the ocean.
how did the hidenburg float
it was filled with hydrogen and that has less density than air
whats the secret to cehmical happieness
full outermost electron shell
what are in the nucleus of a neutron?
protons and neutrons
what are on the outter rings of a neutron
what sign do electrons carry?
whats a nobel gas?
chemically happy
what makes the mass?
protons and neutrons
whats hydrogen bonding?
when opposite charges come together
if you share electrons its what?
what does water have concerning liquid and solid that is different than every other element?
waters solid has less density than its liquid. Usually increase in temp lowers temperature but its the opposite for water
what is heat capacity?
the amount of energy necessary to raise 1g of a substance 1 degree C
water has an easy time changes stance or a hard time?
hard time because of bonds
latent heat of vaporization
energy it takes to turn 100 degree C water to 100 degree C steam
latent heat of fusion
energy it takes to turn ice to water
how many calories does it take to turn water into steam?
540 calories
if water didn't have hydrogen bonding would its predicted temp be very high or very low?
extremely low
what is salt made out of
atomic number is equal to what?
number of protons
when you have the number of protons how can you find the number of neutrons?
take the mass minus the protons/atomic number and you have your neutrons
how many electrons are in a neuron?
the same as protons/atomic number
if you give away an electron that element is now what
if you recieve an electron that element is now what?
what is the area of the ocean called that fish and plants live and grow
the photic zone
how deep is the photic zone
why is the photic zone so shallow
because the sun is absorbed past that zone
What is the make up of the incoming sun rays?
1/3 isn't absorbed by atmosphere or earth 1/2 is absorbed by the earth 1/5 is absorbed by the atmosphere and 4% is relected off the earth
whats the make up of outgoing sun rays
60% atmosphere to space 42% earth to atmosphere and 5% earth to space
Where does most of the heating up come from?
absorbed from earth
why is the equator hotter than the north pole
becuase the angle that the sun comes in on all the rays hit the equator but only about half hit the north pole
high density = high atmospheric pressur or low?
low density air = high atmospheric pressure or low?
pressure goes from H to L or L to H
H to L
why was the first prediction of only two paths of wind pressure wrong?
atmospheric pressure
what does the coreolis effect do
spins the earth and rotates winds
when looking for wind directing what do you do?
point the spear away from you, then if your in the northern hemisphere its a right curve and if its in the southern hemisphere its to the left
northern hemisphere curves to the
souther hemisphere curves to the
declaring where wind comes from is what
where it started so v and > would be north west
is mt rainer explosive or not?
From North Pole to South Pole what are the pressures?
Whats the coreolis effect and whats it do?
The earths rotation and it curves the winds
What are the rules for the coreolis effect and the wind direction
point the spear away from you, if your in the northern hemisphere you curve right if your in the southern hemisphere you curve left
Is Mt. Rainer Explosive?
Does land or ocean have a higher heat capacity?
In the summer does the wind go from ocean to land or land to ocean?
ocean (cool) to land (hot) because oceans High atmosphere and high density goes to lands low atmosphere and low density.
Where does precipitation occur in the summer?
on land
In the winter does the wind go from ocean to land or land to ocean?
land (cold) to ocean (hot) because lands High atmosphere and high density goes to oceans low atmosphere and low density.
where does precipitation occur in the winter?
on the ocean
why can trees grow so much
because there is low amounts of snow
explain atmospheric pressure, density, precipitation, salinity, and evaporation
all of the answers are the same except precipitation is seperate. low density = Low press= low salinity = low evap = high precip. High density= High pressure = high evap = high salinity = low precip
what is salinity measured in
parts per thousand
what are vertical ocean currents driven by?
what are horizontal ocean currents driven by?
northern hemisphere is clockwise or counter clockwise
southern hemisphere is clockwise or counter clockwise?
are west parts of oceans stronger or east parts of oceans? and why
west because the center is to the right. Western idensification. Becuase the sun rotates east
geostropic flow
balance of the coreolis water circling and gravity circling
hills that are formed because of geostropic flow are called
dynamic topography
whats wierd about antarctic waters
should have low salinity but its actually normal
who was the antarctic explorer and what was his ships name
shackleford, endurance
area where temp changes rapidly 0-500m
area where salinity changes rapidly 0-700m
area where density changes rapidly 100-500
Thermocline circulation is
when ice melts making that ocean have less salinity making it no sink making the stream lose power. This would result in extreme climate changes in areas where the stream ends
explain when upwelling and down welling happens
when the water hill is on the land or the ocean and the gravity equals it out. if hill is on ocean its up if its on land its down
upwelling has high amounts of life or low?
down welling has high amounts of life or low?