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Climate distribution on earth is primarily controlled by
Continental drift was confirmed through the use of the what?
shape of the continental margins
The seafloor magnetic pattern is best described as..
parallel to and symmetric about ocean ridges
Which of the following statements is true of the asthenosphere?
The asthenosphere is composed of outer mantle material
Which of the following is NOT associated with convergent plate boundaries on the seafloor?
Crest of the mid-ocean ridge
Examine the five words and/or phrases and determine the relationship among the majority of words/phrases. Choose the one option that does not fit the pattern.
Hydrothermal vents
Match the term with the appropriate phrase below. Rift Valley
Divergent plate boundary
Directly seaward of the continental shelf is a more steeply sloping region called the"
continental slope
With respect to mid-ocean ridges, transform faults are:
parallel to the direction of plate movement
Sediments whcih are poorly sorted and made of a variety of minerals could have been deposited by:
the wind
Calcareous Ooze is an example of:
biogenous sediment
Match the following term with the appropriate phrase: halite (evaporites)
lithogenous sediment
Match the following term with the appropriate phrase: metal sulfides
chemical sediment
Hydogen bonds form between neighboring water molecules because of:
polarity of water molecules
Whcih of the following statements regarding pH is not true?
pH will increase in areas of rapid plant or algal growth.
The largest ocean in the world is the ____ Ocean.
smaller and shallower than oceans, composed of salt water, somewhat enclosed by land, directly connected to the world ocean
The group of Europeans known as the ____ were the first Europeans known to have traveled to North America.