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Bathey-1000-4000 meters
Abyssopelagic Zone-0 4000-7000 Meters
Bathy/abysso- Temperacture
2-4 degrees celcious
Bathy/abysso-Light amount
Totes Darkness
Bathy/AbyssoPressure RanGe
Over *7 tones per quare inches
Bathy/aBysso- Food
Scarce, rely on food from above of eachother
Bathy abyssoMigration
Few vertical migrators
Bathy abysso CharaCteristics
Small eyes or Even BliNd for non migrators

Those who migrate have larger eyses

Oversided moths with sharpteeth
baThy abyssocolor
White black Red C
Bathy AbyssoooooSMall zise
small size
Bathy Abysso more charics.
Soft Falbby Bodies sluggish and slow, weak bones not streamlined as rule low metaolosism
Bathy/ Abysso----bilum
common as lures and species id see the bioluminescence is used and produced
Predators- Sit and Wait predators of

Or scavengers
Abysso/ Bathyyyy - - - diversityDiversity
less diversity and numbers
Bathy /Abysso - - Examps
Anglerfish, Gulper Eel, tripod fish