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what is the eyespot used for
sensitive to light and movement
most widely distributed unicellular marine organism
protista /bacteria
what is unusal about Noctiluca
light up greenish blue color
In what group would you find Noctiluca
the ability to produce light is
what % of the worlds fresh water is held in the poles
the top portion of the diatom is called a
name the 3 main groups of algae
green chlorophyta
red- rodophyta
what adapatation allows cord grass to survive in a salty environment
salt glands
diatoms are composed of
why are diatoms transparent
to photosynthesize
what is a algal bloom
fast growth of dinoflaggellates
what algae is the most commercial
what is a holdfast
fibrous pad of tissue found on algae
name the 2 types of whales
toothed or baleen / mysticea or odontoceti
how are the 2 types of whales different?
toothed or baleen for feeding structures and either 1 or 2 blowholes
how do dinoflaggelattes move
flagella (2)
spicules are composed of
spicules are found in what phylum, class, and common name
porifera, hexactenellida, sponges
commonly used household product
sponges are found in what phylum
name the 2 phylum w/ radial symmetry
echinodermata and cnidaria
what is a stinging cell called
2 types of coral
hard, soft
what is coral composed of
where is the largest reef located and its name
great barrier reef
what is the hard covering of the arthropods composed of
krill is the principle food source for
baleen whales
another name for the madreporite is
sieve plate
the madreporite is what
opening for the WVS in echinoderms
Agnatha are
jawless fish
sirenians are
sea cows
chondrichthyes are
cartiligeious fish
bony fish
only marine lizard is
marine iguana found in galapoga
name 2 unusual characteristics of the leather back turtle
carapace not attached and leathery carapace
why do birds preen
spread oil on feathers
what allow s birds to drink water
salt glands
how many heart chambers in reptile, fish, croc
what are the measurements of a leather back turtle
only land dwelling marine mammal
polar bear
what was found on sept 1 1985 and who found it
titanic and robert ballard and J. Michelle
who were the 1st seafarers around the meditterean
who was the 1st to attempt to circumnavigate the earth
darwins ship was
the greatest single SCuba dive
who invented the JIM suit
DrSlyvia Earle
NOAA means
national oceanographic and atmospheric administration
SCUBA means
self contained under water breathing apparatus
global positioning system
what does a hydrometer measure
what are the 3 most common salts
MgCl,NaCl, NaSO4
salinity is measured in
the average salinity of the ocean
difference between benthos and benthic
benthic is bottom and benthos is animals that live on bottom
what do animals need to survive on a sandy beach
hard coverings , ability to w/stand wet and dry
cord grass has what to survive in salty water
salt glands
coral reefs need what to survive
clear water , warm water , plenty of sunllight
What is camouflage
blending in surroundings
why are coral reefs so biodiverse
lots of areas to live and things to eat
what causes waves
Tsunami's are ?
caused by?
large waves, seismic activity
what is tidal range
distance betw/ hi and low tide marks
what is a strandline
debris left by tides
what is a wavelength
distance betw/ crest to crest or trough to trough
what is the fetch
area over which the wind blow and produces waves
what is a bore
lagre wave moves into narrow channel
what are rogue waves
large lone waves
a build up of dinoflagellates
red tide
a build up of dinoflagates off of new york
brown tide
you find hydrothermal vents and these on the bottom of the ocean
turtles can be distinguished by
what has been taking its toll on the turtle population
pollution, poaching, development
what allows penguins to dive deep
dense bones
how did the sperm whale get its name
spermaceti in the forehead
what are buluga whales sometimes called
sea canaries
What does SOSUS stand for and do?
Sound surveilance system
detects sound
what is counter shading
dark on top light on bottom
what is melanin
brown black skin pigment
what is bioluminescence used for
attracting a mate, defense
largest tidal range is found
bay of fundy, canada
what does tsumanni mean
harbour wave
oceanic verses continental ..which sinks
name 2 underwater canyons
hudson off new york,and monterrrey off california
average depth of ocean
what is trough
bottom of wave
what is crest
top of wave
order sea lions and seals are found in
what is unusal about a sea snake
flat body and flat tail
How do crabs breath in water and air
moist gills
how do whales dive
collapsiable rib cage
star fish stick to surfaces by
using their tube feet
star fish feeding appartus is called
aristotles lantern
largest whale
largest mountain range
mid ocean ridge
largest sea turtle
wrote silent spring
rachel carson
deepest area on planet
Challenger Deep, in the Mariannas Trench, in the Pacific Ocean
untreated human watse
raw sewage
these cause the red tide
thermophilic bacteria are
heat loving
3 organisms that live near the vents
worms, crabs, clams ,fish
need this to survive at the vents
% population that lives near the coast
toxin that harmed birds, which birds, how?
DDt, eagles, brown pelicans, soft shelled eggs
darwins ships name
hms beagle
toxin that hurt fish, where
minimata bay , Japen
DDT stands for
dichloro diphenyl trichlorlethane
PCB stands for
poly chlorinated biphenyls
explain biomagnification
concentrations increases as you go up the food chain
what 2 fish can have too much mercury even today.
tuna and swordfish