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replacement of water coming from the top to the bottom of the water column
transport of water to the left or right of the wind direction
Ekman transport
driven by gravity and modified by Coriolis effect
geostrophic flow
replacement of water coming from the bottom to the top of the water column
benguela current
california current
canary current
gulf stream
kuroshio current
west wind drift
Equatorial currents are driven by the
trade winds
Convection cells driven by the relatively weak winds near the center of gyres
Langmuir circulation
Which of the following is true of surface water circulation near Antarctica
Two circumpolar currents dominate it, one current that moves water to the east and one current that moves water to the west.
The Sargasso Sea is located in the
north atlantic ocean
the resulting body of water is called a
cold core ring
Which of the following is a western boundary current
brazil current
which of the following statements is true for an eastern boundary current
eastern boundary currents are broad and slow
Geostrophic circulation is within a gyre driven by
Strong upwelling occurs in all of the following except
where deep ocean water currents are formed
The worldwide effects of El Niño include all the following except
drought in the US Gulf coastal states
El Niño Southern Oscillation
the relationship between sea surface temperature and high altitude pressure
Thermohaline circulation is driven by
density differences
The arrangement of water masses in the southern Atlantic Ocean from the surface to the bottom is
antarctic intermediate water, north atlantic deep water, antarctic bottom water