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Therapeutic use of occupation and activities
refers to selecting activities and occupations and activities,consultation,and education as the types of ot intervention
preparatory methods
activities designed to get the client ready to engage in occupations ex. stretching,range of motion
purposful activity
leads to occupation and may be part of the occupation
occupation-based activity
refers to participation in the actual occupation whch has been found to be motivation and which results in better motor respones and improved geralization.
involves a type of intervention in which practioner use their knowledge and expertise to collaborate with the client
Occupational performance
the ot practioner can measure improvment or enhancement of the client's abiblity to carry out activities of daily living
Role competence
is the ability to meet the demand of rules
client satisfaction
this is a measure of the clients perception of the process and the benefits received from occupational therapy
Occupation therapy process
the interaction between two active agents, the practitioner and the clien involved in a course action
the ot practitioner gather preliminary information about the client and determines wheter futher evaluation and occupational therapy intervent are waranted.
Occupational Profile
the process is to gather information on the client so that an occupational profile and be developed
if research testing show it to be true measure of what it claims to measure
measure of how accurately the scores obtained from the test refelct the true performance of the client
Standardized test
is one that has gone through a rigorous process of scientific inquiry to determine its reliability and validity
involves working with the client through therapy to reach client goals
Transition services
are the coordination or faciltation of services for the purpose of preparing the client for a change.
Discharge plan
is developed and implemented to address the resources and supports that may be required upon discharge.