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environmental health hazards
come in many forms, including physical hazards, exposure to chemicals, and biohazards
Chemical health hazard
-each must have MSDS for info and how to treat and prevent injury
material safety data sheets
provides properties, and reactivity of chemical, how aborbed by body and protective equipment required
chemicals that don't affect pregnant woman but have effect on fetus
subject of suit, policies to protect fetus violate the pregnancy discrimination act
automobile workers v johnon controls
-case centering around teratogens

decisions about the welfare of the nex generation must be left to the parents who conceive, bear support and raise them, rahter than to the employers who hire those parents
physical health hazard
some can be obvious and easy to remedy others like ergonomics are not
way a physical env. is designed and how efficient and safe that design is for the people in the environment
ergonomics program
analyzes job to reduce risk of muscoskeletal disorders

-can provide quantitative measurement through osha's recordable case rate formula for calculating the incidence rate of ergonomic injuries
biological health hazards
can be food prep or serious disease
-employees w/ infectious disease who don't pose a threat to cowroker health & safety are protected by ADA for reasonable acommodation and may not be subjected to adverse employment because of disease
people w/ disease protected by ADA as long as they are able to perform essential job duties
bepatitis b, blood-borne like hiv
recommended that health care workers at great risk of this be vaccinatd against the disease
spread through air
higher risk are those who share same space
employee asistance prgoram
sponsored by employer as benefit, provide counseling.
Substance abuse programs
* support for policy from top management
*written policy that it won't be tolerated in the workplace
*training for managers and supervisors to ensure that they understand & can explain policy & know steps
*education programs for new hires
*ongoing drug testing
-should i.d. who is tested, what drugs tested, when tests will occur and what happens if test is positive
drug testing programs
program must be fair and consistent, must decide what type of testing
*pre-employment testing
lawful only after an offer has been made
*random drug testing
*scheduled drug testing
*reasonable suspicion drug testing

abusers are under ADA if recovering but not if current abusers
job stress
harmful physical and emotional stress when requirement of the job does not meet capabilities, resources or needs of the worker
-send to EAP
safety & safety programs
accident prevention
safety programs:
1. senior mgmt commited to sfety
2. ongoing analysis of possible hazards
3. hazard prevention and control programs
4. safety & health training is an ongoing process

provide osha safety standards on appropriate way to work w/ hazard
-risk assesment
*protecting physical, human, financial assets
-protecting confidential info
IPA - intellectual property agreement
NDA - non-disclosure agreement
workplace violence
employee with poor behavior becomes highly stressed
-employers required to be aware of employees exhibiting signs of violent behavior
-refer to EAP
-should include as part of emergency action plan
OHSS plans
osha requires the following plans for orgs. w/ 10+ employees

-safety and health management plan
-emergency action plan
-fire prevention plan
safety and health management plan
must include:
-process to ensure comm. b/w mgmt & labor
-assessment of known hazards & procedures to correct them
-procedure to ensure ongoing analysis
-equipment maintenance procedures
-accident investigation procedure
-accident reporting procedure
osha emergency action plan
requires that at min define
-method for reporting fires & other emergencies
-evacuation policy&procedure
-floor plans or maps that define escape procedures & assign duties
-requires alarm systems to notify all employees
fire prevention plan
-all major fire hazards, how they should be handled and stored and how supressed
-location of fire extinguishing systems
-procedure desvribing how flammable waste material stored before disposal
OHSS training programs
1. determin if training needed
2. id training needs
3. develop objectivs of training
4. methods for delivering training
5. conduct training
6. evaluate
7. adjust