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What elements are necessary for a successful employee assistance programme?
1. Confidentiality
2. Union support
3. Snr Management Support
4. Company policy
5. Counselling
6. Worker education
7. Management support
Provide examples of Employee Assistance Programmes.
1. Warren Sheppell
2. FGI
3. Traumatic incident counsellling
What are the three key components of the hazard control process?
1. Pre-contact control
2. Contact control
3. Post-contact control.
Identify 7 types of pre-contact hazard controls.
1. Environmental controls
2. Administrative controls
3. Preventative maintenance
4. Machine Guarding
5. Fire plan
6. Emergency/evacuation plan
7. Safety awareness
Identify 5 types of contact controls.
1. Suppression (e.g. fire)
2. Barriers
3. Isolation
4. Modifications
5. Substitution
Describe 5 types of administrative hazard controls.
1. Written procedures.
2. Manager and worker training
3. Worker rotation
4. Medical surveillance
5. Environmental testing
Describe 4 types of engineering controls.
1. Equipment modifications
2. Process modifications
3. Materials modifications.
Describe 4 major components of workspace design that affect health and safety.
1. Lighting
2. Seating
3. Ergonomic Design (Layout)
4. Control and display panels
What are 7 types of chemical contaminants?
1. Dust
2. Smoke
3. Fumes
4. Gas
5. Vapour
6. Liquid
7. Mist