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In the begining of the moive, how did people veiw people with disbailites like radio in the moive? (6)
(1)incapable (2)incapacitated (3)incompetent (4)dumb (5)horrible part of soceity (6)labeles them as not human
Towards the end the moive, how did people such as Frank's son view of radio change?
went from veiwing people like radio as incapable, incapacitated, and incompetent to having a limitation in personal activites, having functional limitations, and more unversial in scope
Give a example of (in the begining of the moive), how people viewed Radio as incapable, incapaciated, and incompetent? (4)
(1)when Frank's son yelled at him to give the ball back and when he didnt respond he said are ure dumb (2)when the person in the car yelled at him for crossing the street (3)when the football team tied him up (4)when a cop saw him w a shopping cart and assumed that he stole all his presents
For people such as radio in the moive, what are some possible reasons for his ability to grow and for others to accept his disability? (3)
(1)interdependence (2)familiarity (3)empowerment
What did belonging to a community such as the school and the football team give radio? (5)
(1)interdependence (2)familiarity (3)empowerment (4)friends (5)a sense of community and belonging
How did belonging to the school, interdependence? (3)
(1)he overcome his shyness (2)the coach taught him how to read (3)graduated from high school w a honorary degree (4)gave him more self confidence he needed by contributing to his sense of well being, belonging to a community and having friends
For radio, what are some things that gave his life meaing? (5)
(1)his mother (2)coach (3)ability to make friends on the football team (4)radios/music (5)going to school and belonging to a community
According to Ryff and Singer, what is postive human health? (6)
(1)self acceptence (2)postive relations w others (3)autonomy (4)environmental mastery (5)purpose (6)personal growth
How did Radio's human health/ well being improve by going to school? (6)
(1)accepted himself (2)builded postive relations w others (3)had more control of his life (4)gave him a purpose (5)allowed him to master his environment (6)allowed him to grow as a person
Give examples of how radio's human health and well being improved? (4)
(1)earned the respect of the people as school such as Frank's son (2)made friends (3)learned how to read better and write and drill football team (4)having a place to go and job gave him a purpose in life instead of just wondering around then neighborhood having nothing to do
It was through (1) that Howard Jone found meaning in life
action of helping Radio
What is aspect dawning?
refers to the human expereince of perceiving not only the outer, informational aspects of the objects in a situation but also suddenly perceiving the situation in a different light
Frank's son expereinced (1)
aspect dawning
How did Frank's son experience aspect dawning? (4)
by he realize he was wrong, (2) just following his dad (3), how great a person radio really was, (4)how mean he was in the past to radio
One could say Frank has (1) and (2) by not being able to see what a great person radio is and how going school transformed him and made his life better
(1)aspect blindness (2)mindfulness
What is selfing?
is the process of shaping one's identity by occupation and expereince
one coud say radio, Howard Jones, and Frank's son begin to (1(
know thier self more and go through the process of selfing
What is the identiy?
if the product of the selfing process
From Howard Jone's expereince with Radio, how did he change radio's way of being? give examples? (5)
gave radio a sense of belonging (2)ability to make new freinds (3)self acceptence (4)to grow a person (4)overed support when he needed bc his mother died (5)gave him interdepedence
In the moive, if Howard Jones was the therpairst and radio was the patient, what kind of apporach did he take to treating radio?
client centered therpay and therpaist and patient in partner ship
For radio, the (1)process was faciliated
the becoming
In the story who where the meaning givers?
howard jones
Howard jones was a (1) for radio
meaning givers
For radio, the school give him a (1)
speacil place
For radio what was the school?
a speacil place
What is ethnocentrism?
is a lack of understanding and appreciation of the other culture
The more you understand someone's culture, the more you (1)
understand ure self
Give example of a ritual for the football team?
doing drills during practice
What is the "abled gaze"?
refers to the culturally determined perspetive that peoplew without diabsilites have of those with disabilites
What would describe Frank's view of people w daibilites?
the abled gaze
What is the process of self coherence?
is to preceive one's world as comprehensible, managaeable, and meaningful
At the end of the moive, radio experenced (1)
self cohernece
How did radio expereince self cohernece at the end of the moive? (2)
(1)he was guranted to be a "11"grader at the high school for the rest of his life (2)the honorary degree showed him that the faculity and his friends valued him and that he mattered to them
What kind of veiw did Radio experince in the moive, the biomedical view or the holistic view?
the holistic view
What is the holstic view?
says that we accomplish balance by accepting and living life w/i n boundries of the disability, and be seeing w/in functional changes, not an enemy but, rather different opportunties for growth and development
What is a symbolic meaning of the game ball for Radio?
it symbolizes the team winning and that they cared about him
Radio devloped (1)
What are the key characertitic of a community according to Rubin? (5)
(1)size (2)focus (3)relative stability (4)concrete social structure (5)particpative and congenial socail interactions