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a relationship in which organisms interact in a mutually dependent way is?
the study of the interactions of living things with each other and their enviornment is called?
the study of the interactions of living things with each other and their enviornment when done in the ocean is?
marine ecology
what are abiotic factors?
non living factors of the enviornment
what are biotic factors?
living things in the enviornment
the interacting biotic and abiotic factors along with the enviornment is called?
what is a food chain?
when one organism serves as food for another which serves as food for the next organism and so on.
give an example of one such chain.
plankton to shrimp to herring.
what is a primary consumer?
first animal in the cycle.
what is a tertiary consumer?
the third animal in the cycle
what is each level called?
it is called a trophic level
what is an omnivore?
eats meat and plants.
what is a scavenger?
eat remains
what is a food web?
interconnected food chains
what is a predator?
animal that kills and eats animals
what is prey?
animal that is eaten animals
what is a food pyramid?
interlinked food webs