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Define ovulation
The release of an egg from the ovary
If a woman has had intercourse within ____ to ____ hours before ovulation, fertilization may occur.
24, 48
Define placenta
The organ that serves as a lifeline for the developing fetus. The placenta is attached to the wall of the uterus and the umbilical cord.
Define afterbirth
The placenta and accompanying membranes that are expelled from the uterus after the birth of the child
Define umbilical cord
Structure containing two arteries and one vein that connects the placenta and the fetus.
Define amniotic sac
The membranes that surround and protect the developing fetus throughout the period of intrauterine development
Define amniotic fluid
Clear, watery fluid that surrounds and protects the developing fetus
Define the Estimated Date of Confinement (EDC)
Estimated due date. This date is usually set 40 weeks after the date of the mothers LMP.
Define antepartum
Time prior to the delivery of the fetus
Define postpartum
Time after delivery of the fetus
Define prenatal
Time prior to birth, same as antepartum
Define natal
Relating to the birth or the date of birth
Define gravidity
The number of times a woman has been pregnant
Define parity
The number of pregnancies carried to full term
Define primigravida
A woman who is pregnant for the first time
Define primipara
A woman who has given birth to her first child
Define multigravida
A woman who has been pregnant more than once
Define nulligravida
A woman who has not been pregnant
Define multipara
A woman who has delivered more than one child
Define nullipara
A woman who has yet to deliver her first child
Define grand multiparity
A woman who has delivered at least 7 babies
Define gestation
Period of time for intrauterine fetal development
What is some general information you would want get from an OB pt?
Gravidity, Parity, Length of gestation, EDC, Past OB or GYN complications, Prenatal care, Current meds and allergies
True or false: Pregnancy cannot aggravate preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, HTN, seizure disorders, and neuromuscular disorders.
False. Not only can pregnancy aggravate preexisting conditions, but it can also trigger new ones. However, a remission of neurological disorder symptoms during pregnancy is not unusual.
When an OB pt c/o pain, what are important factors to determine?
Onset, Character, Especially the regularity
If there is vaginal bleeding, determine events prior to its start. Assess the ___________ by the number of sanitary pads unsed and save any _________ or passed tissue.
amount, clots
For a pt in labor, what do you need to know to determine if delivery is imminent?
If she feels the need to push or move her bowels
If her membranes have ruptured
Define crowning
The bulging of the fetal head past the opening of the vagina during a contraction. Indication of impending delivery.
What is the preferred position for transporting an OB pt after the 24th week?
L lateral recumbent
Transport all trauma pts at ____ weeks or more gestation and anticipate the development of _____________.
20, shock
True or false: Not all OB pts with abdominal pain shoud be seen by a physician
What are 4 causes of bleeding during pregnancy?
Ectopic pregnancy
Placenta previa
Abruptio placentae
Define abortion
Miscarriage or electively induced termination of pregnancy
What are typical s/s of an abortion?
Cramping abdominal pain, Backache, Vaginal bleeding often accompanied by passage of clots and tissue
3rd trimester bleeding should be attributed to either _______________ _______________ or ______________ _________________ until proven otherwise.
placentia previa, abruptio placentae
Generally, what is the difference in presentation of placenta previa and abruptio placentae?
Placenta previa usually presents with painless bleeding and abruptio placentae usually presents with sharp pain, with or without bleeding
Why should vaginal examination never be attempted?
Because the finger being used to examine the vagina may puncture the placenta and cause fatal hemorrhage