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- Increased levels: Neural tube defects, abdominal wall defects, multiple gestation, fetal demise
- Decreased levels: Down syndrome
- Performed at weeks 16 to 20
- Recommentded in women older than 35 years old
Gestational diabetes
- Macrosomia
- Respiratory distress syndrome
- Congenital abnormalities
- Hypertension
- Proteinuria
- Edema
Hydatidiform mole/choriocarcinoma
- Preeclampsia in first half of pregnancy
- Very high beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (B-hCG)
- "Snowstorm" appearnace on ultrasound
Ectopic pregnancy
- B-hCG rises slowly
- Amenorrhea, spotting, and pain
- Empty gestational sac on ultrasound
- Ampulla of fallopian tube is most common site
- Duodenal atresia
- Tracheoesophageal fistula
- Anencephaly
- Renal agenesis
- Pulmonary hypoplasia
Premature rupture of membranes
- Pooling of fluid in vagina
- Positive Nitrazine test
- Positive ferning test
- Risk of endometritis
Labor: first stage
- From regular, painful contractions to complete cervical dilation
Labor: second stage
- From cervical dilation to birth
Labor: third stage
- From birth to delivery of placenta
Fetal cardiac monitoring: early decelerations
- Normal
- Occur with contractions
Fetal cardiac monitoring: late decelerations
- Begin after contraction begins
- Indicates fetal hypoxia
- Deliver ASAP!
Ftal cardiac monitoring: Variable decelerations
- Variable onset
- Occur due to cord compression
- Change in maternal position