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How do you gain access to a field site?
1.Planning: know the background, who you are observing
2.Negotiations: contact the gatekeeper
4.Building Support:
What are some criteria for a vivid observation?
Who are there?
What are they like?
Their interactions?
The physical setting: image, sound, smell atmosphere
How to observe "with a sociological focus"
Episodes: divorce, crime illness
Cultural Rules: hidden rules of conversation, cultural rules of hospitality
Social Role or Relationship: Professional Relationships, family roles
What to observe about yourself in the field site?
1. General Principles
2. Be Specfic
- your feelings
- How are people responding to you?
- Is your presence affecting their behavior?
- Problems?
3. Observe your role in the field
Define Complete Observer
observing without participating
Define Participant Observer
observing AND participating. Almost a semi- member, but let others in the field know you true identity
Define Convert Observer
pretending to be a regular member of the group while secretly taking field notes
Whats going native?
when one starts to build emotional ties with the studied group; when a researcher starts to identify with the group one studies and loses one critical distance in one’s observation
Whats the Hawthorn Effect?
when people observed during a research study temporarily change their behavior or performance
Define ‘social episode/theme’
observing the life course of the major social event, how that major event unfolds, of how conflicts build up, of how solutions succeed and fail, how ppl deal with it
What is Power Dependency?
when a researcher’s research activities is excessively controlled by the gatekeeper.
What is Internal Validity?
the assumed cause is truly the cause; achieved through randomization (or matching)
What is External Validity?
the causal relationship can be generalized beyond the experiment