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What does observation mean?
an interaction of one or more of the senses with the enviroment or surroundings.
What does inference mean?
an interpretation of one or more observations.
What does classification mean?
Grouping of objects and events.
What does measurement mean?
Describing observations using numbers.
Ex: time,length,mass
What does time mean?
The instant at which something happens or the period during which a change occurs.
What does length mean?
The measure of distance between two points.
What does mass mean?
The amount of matter in an object.
What is volume?
Volume equals?
Expressed as?
Volume is the amount of space an object takes up.
What is density?
Density equals?
Expressed as?
Density is a property of matter hat combines mass and volume.
Percent Deviation From Accepted Value.
Find the difference between the measured value and the accepted value then divided by the difference of the accepted value and multiplied this result time 100%