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I want to tell it to you
Quiero decirtelo
I want to buy it for you
Quiero comprartelo
You have to give it to me
Tienes que darmelo
We have to sell them to you
Tenemos que vendertelos
We have to sell it to her
Tenemos que venderselo
They should buy them for you
Deben comprartelos
She needs to send it to me
Ella tiene que mandarmelo
They should buy it for themselves
Deben comprarselos a si mismos
You have to give it to us
Tienes que darnoslo
I should bring it to them
Debo traerselo
They should bring them to me
Deben traermelos
She wants to read it to us
Ella quiere leernoslo
You can send it to me by mail
puedes mandarmelo por correo
He can pay you for it in cash
El puede pagartelo en efectivo
I want to pay you for them by check
Quiero pagartelos con un cheque
I don't want to leave it for you
No quiero dejartelo
We don't have to buy them for you
No tenemos que comprarselos
Do you want to leave it for me?
Quieres dejarmelo
Can you write it for me?
Puedes escribirmelo
Can you do it for me?
Puedes hacermelo
No, I can't do it for you
No, no puedo hacertelo
When do you want to give them to them?
Cunado quieres darselos
You don't need to pay me for them now
No tienes que pagarmelos ahora
They can't sell it to you
No pueden vendertelo
When do you want to tell it to me?
Cuando quieres decirmelo
Aren't you going to bring it to us today?
No vas a traernoslo hoy
Can't they send it to them by mail
No pueden mandarselo por correo
We told it to them
Selo dijimos
You bought it for her
Selo compraste
Who gave it to them?
Quien selo dio