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Weighing the tradeoffs to detemine if the technology is feasible, or for the best, refers to which part of technology?
Exploratory forecating predicts future events and developments by:
using past and present conditions
Laws that govern human cloing are
In the Iron Age, a significance development in communication was the
What age accounts for the fewest technological develpments?
Stone Age
When it comes to technology assessment, normative and exploratory are both types of what?
During what age did people move from the farm to the city?
John's religion does not allow medical intervention. This is an example of what type of impact?
"The generation of knowledge and processes to decelop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilitives."
Which of the following is an example of a desirable impact of technology?
Affordale products for the masses
Technology can be characterized as
Things that extend human capability
The fact that we tolerate some technologies, even though they have negative impacts on us is a
The industial age is characterized by
steam power
Which one of the following is an example of extending human capabilty?
A person cutting grass with lawn mower
The student organization for technology education is
In technology, exploratory and normative are two types of
In the Bronze Age, glasss was used for jewelry and ornamentation. In the Information Age its use has enhanced
What invention led to the mass production of written material?
Printing Press
Which of the following are used in monitoring the aspects of technology related to our environment?
Doppler radar and weather satllites
Technology can relate to language arts in which of the following
technical reports
During the Bronze Age,the wheel was improved by using spokes. What is most significant about the improved wheel?
A forecating technique that depends on professional opinions of experts is called a(an)
Delphi study
Which one of following is an example of technology?
This age emphasizes processing and exchanging information.
During the industrial age factory growth led people to
migrate to cities for jobs
Which of the following is NOT true?
Technology always benefits the environment
In what age, did the influnece of technology make technological obsolescence a factor?
What invention has enabled weather forecaters to monitor weather patterns more efficiently?
Doppler Radar
The use of technology affects humans in various ways including
May make things safer
North Carolina technology education programs divide technology into six systems. Which of the following is one of the systems?
How technology impacts society relates to which disipline?
social studies
What is the most significant technological development thus far in the Information Age?
Integrated circuit
What type diagram shows the steps needed to achieve the ultimate goal via a path?
Flow diagram
Desktop Publishing is an example of integrating which of the following disciplines into technology education?
Language Arts
Someone who is able to use, manage, understand, and access technology is considered to be
Technologically literate
What type of forecasting helps people look into the future by using past and present conditions to predict future events and developments?
Determining whether or not cloning is right is what type of concern?
Canal building dramatically improve shipping routes during the
Industrial Age
In 1995, 16 MBs of RAM was standard on a top of the line computer. In 2000, 128 MBs of RAM is standard on most computers. This is an example of:
Exponential Growth
During the Industrial Age, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. What was most significant about the telegraph?
Enabled faster communications over long distances
During the Iron Age, water wheels were used to:
grind grain