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At what level can you visualize an IUP by transvaginal U/S?
1000-1500 IU/ml
At what level can you visualize an IUP by transabd U/S?
4-6500 IU/ml
abd pain or vaginal bleeding <20 wks, closed os, no passage of fetal tissue
Threatened abortion
Rh immunoglobulin is important to give to a mother who is Rh negative or positive?
Within how many hrs is Rhogam given?
Painful, 3rd trimester bleeding
Placenta abruptio
What is important to monitor in the case of placenta abruptio?
Maternal contractions, fetal heart rate
Placenta overlaps and implants on the cervix covering the os
placenta previa
3rd trimester, painless, bright red bleeding
placenta previa
Difference in U/S b/t placenta previa and abruptio placentae
U/S will show the placental region in previa.
Key to dx of placenta previa
Transabd U/S
T/F. You can perform a pelvic exam w/ 3rd trimester bleeding?
Definition of preeclampsia
new onset of HTN w/ proteinuria >20 wks gestation
2 measurements 6h apart
Definition of ecclampsia
preeclampsia + seizures
Tx for preeclampsia/ecclampsia
delivery of the fetus
Medical management of preeclampsia/ecclampsia
Mg sulfate and antihypertensive drugs
Pt presents w/ lower abd pain, lower abd tenderness, CMT, adnexal tenderness
What is diagnostic for ovarian torsion?
Measurement for consideration of a cyst
"chocolate cysts"
M/c bug in TSS
Staph aureus
What is the first step in managing a pt w/ a breast mass <30 yrs old?
What antibiotics are safe in pregnancy
Pcn, cephalosporin, macrolides