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Which of the following clincal circumstances has a higher-than-usual risk of the need for neonatal resuscitation?
all of the above (cesarean delivery, suspected fetal anomaly, maternal fever, and multiple gestation)
Approximately what percent of cesarean deliveries may require the need for neonatal resuscitation personnel?
In what position is the infant placed in the warming unit?
Supine, with the head lowered, turned to one side
Which of the following are examples of mild stimulation to the newborn?
all of the above (suctioning, rubbing the back, and slapping the feet)
Which of the following statements regarding the Apgar score is an accurate reflection of its proper use?
The 1-minute Apgar score identifies newborns requiring special attention
Mild-to-moderate depression of the newborn is defined as Apgar scores of
4 to 7
Causes of neonatal asphyxia may include
all of the above (trauma, severe maternal disease, and decreased uteroplacental blood flow)
The management of a term infant born by vaginal delivery almost immediately on arrival in the labor unit who is covered with meconium fluid, is limp with a heart rate of 100, and has only a grimace, should include which of the following?
In the neonate, scalp hair that is coarse suggests an estimated gestational age greater than how many weeks?
39 weeks
In the neonate's ear lobe that lacks cartilage suggests a gestational age below how many weeks?
36 weeks
At 37 to 38 weeks' gestation, a neonate's breast nodule is expected to be about how many milimeters?
4 mm
Which of the following describes the sole creases on teh feet of a 39-week neonate?
There are extensive creases covering the entire sole
Which of the following is the correct management of the umbilical cord stump in a newborn?
Keep uncovered to expose it to air
What percent of newborns will pass stool within the first 24 hours of life?
Which of the following are characteristics of normal stool in the first 2 to 3 days of life?
all of the above (greenish-brown in color, sterile, and odorless)
Which of the following statements regarding newborn weight loss is correct?
Preterm newborns lose relatively more weight than their term counterparts
Application of silver nitrate is designed to prevent
Physiologic jaundice of the newborn occurs in what proportion of all newborns?
1 in 3
Jaundice becomes clinically apparent in the newborn when bilirubin levels reach what level?
5 mg/dL
Meconium-stained amniotic fluid is encountered in what percent of gestations?
10 to 15%
The most meaninful assessment of metabolic status of the baby at the time of deliver is through analysis of blood gases from the
umbilical artery
About what proportion of infants born with meconium in the amniotic fluid will have meconium in the lungs?
About what proportion of infants born with meconium in the amniotic fluid will develop significant respiratory distress?
Immediate intubation and suctioning should be performed under what circumstances when there is thin meconium-stained amniotic fluid?
Only when warranted by the clinical judgement of the delivering physician and/or pediatrician attending the delivery
The scrotum of newborn males of >39 weeks' gestational age is characterized by
extensive rugae
In the fetal circulation, the highest PO2 is contained in the
umbilical vein
Fetal cord blood gases most closely represent the condition in the baby at the
end of the second stage of labor
Which of the following is the most useful initial arterial cord blood value to manage the acidotic newborn?
Base deficit
When is the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn first colonized by normal bacterial flora?
At 12 hours of life
Currently, the most effective newborn prophylaxis to prevent opthalmia neonatorum is
silver nitrate
Ioterus neonatorum is most often caused by
reabsorption of free bilirubin from the fetal intestine