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BMI calculation
(body weight in KG)/ht in M)^2
Normal weight, overweight, obese classifications by BMI
Normal= 18.5-24.9
Overweight= 25.0-29.9
Obese= >30
Waist circumference
women= >35
men= >40
Weight loss therapy is recommended for individuals who have:
1)BMI >=30
2)BMI= 25.0-29.9 AND 2 or more risk factors
3)high-risk waist circumference AND 2 or more risk factors
Initial target weight loss
10% of baseline body weight over a period of six months
This condition is a form of insulin resistance observed in some pregnant women that can have detrimental effects on the future health of both the mother and child
Gestational diabetes mellitus
-mother= increases risk of type 2 diabets
-child= acute risk of macrosomia, increased risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity
This may lower the incidence of obesity in later life but has been found at best to exert a modest effect
breast feeding