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what is the best treatment of severe pre-eclampsia
labor induction regardlss of gestational age
what is the most common cause of maternal death due to eclampsia?
intracerebral bleed
what is the most common cause of maternal death due to eclampsia
intracerebral bleed
the management of pre-eclampsia in the preterm patient is
observation until severe criteria are noted, or term gestation is reached
chronic HTN in a pregnant patient is diagnosed if the woman has HTN prior to 20 weeks or
beyond 12 weeks postpartem
fibroadenomas or fibrocystic change alter within the menstrual cycle
fibrocystic change only
secondary infertility
a woman was able to get pregnant in the past but has been unable to for the past year
What are the five main factors of infertility
1. ovulatory
2. uterine
3. tubal
4. semen
6. peritoneal (endometriosis)
mid luteal is day
36 hours after the onset of the LH surge
HSG should be performed at what point during the mestrual cycle
midfollicular phase...therefore days 6 - 10
therapy for ovarian causes of infertility
colmiphene citrate
cervica factor is an infrequent etiology of infertility but may be considered
with thick viscid cervical mucous before ovulation
normal semen analysis =
2cc, 20mill sperm, 50 percent move, 30 normal morphology...if abnormal recheck after a period of 74 days because thats how long it takes to makeem
when is ovarian torsion most commonly seen in pregnancy
at 14 weeks when the uterus rises above the pelvic brim or immediately after delivery with rapid involution
where is the location of appendiceal pain in a pregnant woman
superior and lateral to mcburney's point
a common physiologic effect of pregnancy is an increase in gallbladder volume and biliary sludge especially after
the first trimester
what is actually a typical symtpm with ovarian torsion
the acute onset of colicky pain...treatment is surgical if untwisting the adnexa results in reperfusion an ovarian cystectomy may be perfrmd however is reperfusion is not established oophorectomy is indicated
how does one confirm a hemoperitoneum in the case of an ectopic pregnancy
culdocentesis (needle aspiration after piercing the posterior vaginal fornix into the cul-de-sac
Fatal genetic defect in Caucasians
Cystic Fibrosis
TV U/S can detect pregnancy as early as
5.5 - 6 weeks
If ectopic pregnancy is detected and the HCG is over 1500 and an U/S does not detect anything what is the next step
what are the two types of surgeries performed for an ectopic and what are the scenarios that indicate them
1. Salpingectomy...usually performed for those gestations that are too large for conservative therapy, when rupture has occurred, or for those women who do not desire future fertility

For a woman who desires to preserve her fertility and has an unruptured tubal pregnancy a salpingostomy can be performed
After medical therapy of an ectopic pregnancy a patient comes to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain
if its between 3-7 days after then is is probably a result of tubal abortion
what lab elevation is is indicative of beta thal
what lab elevation can be indicative of alpha-thal
What test of the vaginal fluid prior to digital exam may indicate risk for preterm delivery
fetal fibronectin assay
in a nulliparous woman what is needed to diagnose preterm labor
A single exam revealing 2cm dilation and 80 percent effacement
A short cervix especially with lower uterine cervix changes like what are worrisome for preterm pregnancy
funneling or breaking of the amniotic cavity into the cervix
name the most comonly used agents for tocolysis
indomethacin, ritrodrine, nifedipine, terbutaline
what is fetal fibronectin
a basement membrane that helps bind placental membranes to the decidua of the uterus
cervical length less than what results in an increased risk of preterm
A cervical length of less than 25 results in an increased risk of preterm delivery...also an impinging of the amniotic cavity into the cervix so-called funneling, increases the risk of preterm delivery
what is the incidence of preterm labor in the united states
when is indomethacin contraindicated for tocolysis
the 3rd trimester as it can mess with the PDA
major side effect lesser known by myself of MgSO4
pulmonary edema