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1mm of retina is = to __ visual angle?
3.4 degrees
fovea is __ mm temporal to the ON
4.5 mm
fovea is __ mm inferior to ON
0.5 mm
what is on the surface of the corneal epithelium to enable a wetable surface
surface posterior to corneal epi is __ and it made of ___
bowman's membrane
specialized CT (from the stroma)
keratocytes are located
corneal stroma, dont actively regenerate collagen, injury of stroma induces regeneration
T/F descements membrane is cellular
F its made of specialized CT thats dif from stroma. behaves elastically but doesnt contain elasin
hassal hene body
thickening of the descemets membrane and thinning of endoth. present in ppl >35yo
T/F Sclera has no cellular layer
T; molecules have no barrier b/c no epithe.
pathologist limbus
Ant boundary: end of bowmans and descemets
Post: spur to surface
histololist limbus
is based on collagen organization (curve). takes account the structural differences b/c cornea and stroma
pathologist limbus
ant boundary and post boundary are 1.5 mm apart; defined as the aq drainage system at the limbus