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Who was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys?
Ethan Allen
Who wrote most of the Declaration of Independance?
Thomas Jefferson
Who were the colonists who stayed loyal to Britain?
Who wrote "Common Sense", and what was its importance?
Thomas Paine- inspired colonists to continue to fight by telling them what British thought of them
What was special about the Battle of Saratoga?
It was the turning point for the patriots in the Revolutionary War
What is a surprise attack?
an ambush
NOT a guerilla attack
What were three weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
1)Failed to collect or levy taxes
2)Failed to make one central government- Each state had its own individial government.
3)Lacked a leader to enforce laws
*there are more answers, but these are the best ones
Amendments1-10- Name and function
*Bill of Rights
1)individual freedoms-speech, religion, press, peaceful assemble
2)right to bear arms
3)prohibits quartering of soldiers
4)freedom from unreasonable searches
5)self incrimination, double jeopardy
6)right to a speedy trial
7)trial by jury
8)right from cruel and unusual punishment
9)you have rights that are not listed in the constitution
10)states have reserved powers
Which amendment gave women the right to vote?
19th amendment
What was the Virginia plan?
-bi-cameral legislatures
-more representatives with bigger population
-executive and judicial branch
-power to impose and collect taxes
What is the New Jersey Plan?
-uni-cameral legislature
-equal representation for all states
-executive and judicial branch
-power to impose and levy taxes
What was the Great Compromise?
a combination of the New Jersey plan and the Virginia plan to create the gov't order we have today
Who wrote much of the Constitution?
James Madison
What did the Alien Act do?
gave the president the power to deport aliens that were considered dangerous
What was the Louisiana Purchase?
A large piece of land (the Louisiana Territory) purchased by Thomas Jefferson from France for $15 million
What were Lewis and Clark sent to do?
Explore and map parts of the Louisiana Territory
What were two important things designed by Eli Whitney?
-cotton gin
-interchangable parts
What was the importance of interchangable parts?
Repairs were more easily done because they could replace broken machinery without the need to buy a whole new product
What is sectionalism?
loyalty to a region
What was the Monroe Doctrine?
a proclomation stating that any new European colonies formed in the US would be opposed
What was the concept of Manifest Destiny?
the idea that the country must extend its boundaries to the Pacific coast
Who was Harriet Beecher Stowe?
an author who wrote of the horrors of slavery in the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Who was a major leader in the Underground Railroad?
Harriet Tubman
What was the Dredd Scott case?
Dredd Scott, a slave who had lived on free soil, sued to be free. The judge ruled against him, and said prohibiting slavery was unconstitutional.
What were some advantages for the North in the Civil War?
-better banking for war funds
-larger population
-more support
-more ships
-more efficient railroads
What were some advantages for the South in the Civil War?
-strong support in white population
-better military leaders
What did the 54th Massachusetts do?
an African American troop who charged on the Confederates, and received a lot of respect for bravery.
What was the party which, around the Civil War era, was given the nickname the "know-nothings"?
The American Party
Where was the final battle of the Civil War?
Where did the British surrender?
the Appotomax courthouse
What was Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan called?
the ten percent plan
When was Lincoln assasinated, and who assasinated him?
April 14, 1865- John Wilkes Booth
Who took over for Lincol after he was killed?
Andrew Johnson
Johnson became the first president in history to become ___________.
Althought African Americans had gained voting rights after the Civil War, they were, at many times, prevented from voting. Why is this?
white men threatened them (particularly southerners, the KKK)
What were the Jim Crow laws?
required segregation in almost every public place
What mountain did the mining boom begin on?
Pike's Peak
What were the two mining companies that worked on the transcontinental railroad?
Union Pacific and Central Pacific
What was another name for the cattle boom?
the cattle kingdom
What were a couple of long drives?
-the Chisolm Trail
-the Goodnight-Loving Trail
What is the method of dry farming?
planting seeds deep in the ground where there is some moisture
What did the National Grange do?
offered farmers education, fellowsip and support- encouraged buying products from each other
What were the beliefs of the Populist party?
-supported the "common man"
-wanted the gov't to own railroads
-free silver -unlimited prooduction of silver coins
What important invention by Henry Ford led to mass production?
the assembly line
Who was Andrew Carnegie?
a big steel baron- began the Carnegie Steel Company
What is a philanthropist?
a person who uses money to benefit the community
What part of Europe were the "new" immigrants from?
eastern and southern Europe
What was the purpose of the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848?
equal rights for women, especially suffrage
What secret organization was involved in lynchings, and terrorized African Americans all through the 1800's and 1900's?
The Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
What is the policy of isolationism?
non-involvement in world affairs
What were the four main causes of WW1?
Militarism, alliances, isolationism, nationalism
What was the first cause of the war in EUROPE?
the assasination of the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne and his wife (Archduke Ferdinand)
What is the difference between an alliance system and an entente?
an alliance system is a defense agreement among nations, and an entente is an understanding between nations
What was the final major battle of WW1?
The Battle of the Argonne Forest
What happened witth the Sacco and Vanzetti trial?
two men were accused with robbing a store and killing two people without any real proof- they were accused only because they were foreign Italian immigrants
What nickname was given to the 1920's due to the outrageous fads?
the Roaring 20's
What did the 19th Amendment do?
gave women suffrage
What was the period of flowering African American culture in the 1920's?
the Harlem Renaissance
What was the central idea in the Scopes trial?
should the concept of evolution be taught in school- John Scopes taught evolution against the Butler Law, and was being convicted
What were a couple of causes of the Great Depression?
-installment buying (on-margin buying)
-the stock market boom
-millions of stocks being sold per day
-the stock market crash
What were a couple of effects of the Great Depression?
-FDR's New Deal
-The Bonus Army's march on the whitehouse