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Good sources of folate include:
A. citrus fruits, dairy products, and eggs; B. liver, legumes, and leafy green veges.
C. dark green veges., corn, and cabbage
D. potatoes, broccoli, and whole wheat bread
2 Vitamin A functions:
1. active in vision
2. promotes a healthy immune system
Beta-carotene is:
1. vitamin a precursor
2. antioxidant
Vitamin D's action?
acts like a hormone
Vitamin D's role in bone?
Makes calcium and phosphorus available in the blood.
Sources of vitamin A?
dark green: spinach, broccoli
dark orange: cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots
What organ manufactures vitamin D?
Vitamin e deficiency results in?
erythrocyte hemolysis
Toxcity of vitamin E results in?
hemorrhages: high levels of vitamin E interferes with vitamin K
Functin of vitamin K?
role in blood clotting
Jaundice is a toxicity symptom of what vitamin?
vitamin K
Bacteria in the intestinal tract synthesize what vitamin?
vitamin K
Vitamin K foods?
Green leafy veges., members of the cabbage family and liver
Many coenzymes have what vitamins as part of their structure?
B vitamins
Disease from a deficiency of thiamin?
Disease that results from a deficiency of niacin?
severe form of thiamin deficiency from the abuse of alcohol. symptoms indistinguishable from alcohol abuse itself.
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
What vitamin plays a role in protein and amino acid metabolism?
Vitamin B6
What vitamin plays a role in protein and amino acid metabolism?
Vitamin B6
coenzyme in cell division?
Coenzyme in new cell synthesis and maintains nerve integrity?
Vitamin B12
What vitamin is present only in foods of animal origin?
vitamin b12
What vitamin is involved in collagen formation?
vitamin c
What vitamin may be a possible antihistamine?
vitamin C
An important antioxidant.
vitamin c
Scurvy is a deficiency in what vitamin?
vitamin c
What vitamin enhance iron absorption?
vitamin c
3 non b vitamins?
inositol, choline, and carnitine (all 3 are coenzymes
Most abundant mineral in the body? 2nd most abundant?
calcium, phosphorus
Most common nutrient deficiency worldwide?
A blood iron deficiency characterized by small, pale red blood cells.
iron-deficiency anemia
What 2 minerals acts as a cofactor for enzymes?
zinc and manganese
what mineral is an integral part of thyroid hormones?
Deficiency in iodine causes?
___ in cell membranes move ions in or out of the cells.
7 major minerals?
sodium, chloride, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium
what mineral is required for DNA and RNA synthesis?