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Vitamins and minerals required for healthy soft tissue include:
Vitamin A, B complex & C
Iodine, Iron, & Zinc
Healthy adults produce _____ of saliva per day.
1.0 - 1.5 L
Saliva contains.....

Iodine, fluoride, sulfate, potassium, magnesium, sodium
Vitamin B-1 is AKA
Thiamin is used as a coenzyme in __________.
Carbohydrate metabolism
What products are good sources of thiamin (aka B-1)?
Pork, grain products, nuts
This deficiency occurs in developing countries where polished rice is the staple diet.
Thiamin (AKA B-1)
What enzyme inactivates thiamine?
Known as the "moral vitamin"
Thiamin (AKA B-1)
Thiamin (AKA B1) deficiency results in
______. Oral manifistations include:
beriberi - burning, flabby, red edematous tongue and loss of taste.
When Beriberi is associated with alcohol the result is _______.
Wrinkle Korsakoff syndrome.

Symptoms: mental confusion, nystagmus, and ataxia (weird gait, uncoordinated muschle movement).
This deficiency is often seen in MALNOURISHED alcoholics.
Thiamin (AKA B-1)
Vitamin B-12 is AKA ____.
Riboflacin is essential for ___ & _____.
healthy eyes & maintenance of mucous membranes.
With thiamin, riboflavin is necessary for the synthesis of __.
A riboflavin deficiency is often observed in _____ and _____.
alcoholics & the economically deprived.
Who is at risk of riboflavin deficiency and why?
Vegans becuase they avoid dairy.
Symptoms of a riboflavin deficiency include:
angular cheilosis, glossitis, red, smooth lips
Sensitivity to light can be associated with a deficiency of this vitamin.
Riboflavin (aka B-12)
A pebbly or granular appearance of the tongue is due to this vitamin.
Vitamin B-12 (aka riboflavin)
Congenital face abnormalities can result if there is a deficiency of __________.
Riboflavin (aka B-12)
______ increase the excretion of vitamin B-12 (aka riboflavin)
What is Vitamin B-3 AKA?
What amino acid is the precursor for Niacin (AKA B-3)
_____ is involved in the degradation of sucrose into oranic acids.
Niacin (AKA B-3)
_____ is found in milk, eggs, and meats.
Niacin (AKA B-3)
This vitamin can acts as a vasodilator and also is associated with liver disease, IBD, and gout.
B-3 (aka niacin)
This deficiency is usually associated with a ____ diet.
3 D's due to deficiency of Niacin.
1. Dermatitis
2. Diarrhea
3. Depression or Dementia
Prolonged treatment with ____ due to tuberculosis may lead to a niacin deficiency.
Vitamin B-6 is AKA
True or False

Vitamin B-6 is not a single vitamin.
True - it is a group of interrelatied pyridines: pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine.
This coenzyme aids in the conversion of tryptophan to niacin.
Pyridoxine (Vit B-6)
This coenzyme is important to protein metabolism.
Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine)
This coenzyme is involved in hemoglobin synthesis and RBC regeneration
Pyridoxine (Vit B-6)
True or False
Microorganisms in the digestive tract produce limited amounts of vitamin B-6.
____ are a good source of vitamin B-6.
Symptoms: Ataxia (severe muscle incordination) and severe sensory neuropathy.

Acute pyridoxine (vit B-6) deficiency.
What is the most toxic WATER SOLUBLE vitamin?
Pyridoxine (vit B-6)
What drugs interfere with the metabolism of vitamin B-6 (AKA pyridoxine)
isoniazid and cycloerine (for tuberculosis), penicillame, and oral contraceptives.
This coenzyme functions for 20 enzymes and is important for the synthesis of RNA nd DNA.
Levels of mature RBC's are maintained by these nutrients:
vitamin B-12, vitamin C, and folate
Masks symptoms of Vitamin B12 (AKA cobalamin) deficiency and can kidney damage.
Folate toxicity
Folate is found in:
Liver, leafy green veggies, legumes, OJ
The MOST COMMON vitamin deficiency in humans.
this deficiency is associated with megoblastic anemia.
Folate deficiency during pregnancy can result in ___.
spina bifida.
Associated with fiery red tongue, missing papillae and chronic peroidontitis with tooth mobility.
folate deficiency
This distinguishes b/t a folic acid deficiency and a vitamin B-12 (AKA COBALAMIN) deficiency.
CNS abnormalities
This is the ONLY vitamin that contains a mineral.
Vitamin B-12 (AKA COBALAMIN)
Vitamin B-12 is AKA
Vitamin B-12 combines with ____ to allow it to be absorbed in the small intestine.
Intrinsic facto.
Vitamin B-12 helps to maintain ______.
myelin sheath around nerve fibers
This vitamin is NOT found in any plants and ONLY found in animal sources.
Vitamin B-12 (AKA COBALAMIN)
True or False

Vitamin B-12 has no harmful effects associated with taking large quantities
Pernicious anemia occurs mostly in old people and is due to a deficienct of ___.
Vitamin B-12 (AKA cobalamin)
Symptoms: Glossopyrosis, lesions on buccal and pharyngeal mucosa, neurologic symptoms and altered taste or decreased appetite is assoc. with this deficiency.
Vitamin B-12 (AKA cobalamin)
Burning Feet syndrome is associated with ____.
Pantothenic Acid
This acid is important in the syntheiss and degradation of triglycerides, phopholipids, and sterols.
Pantothenic Acid
Cure for Baldness
How is biotin synthesized?
By intestinal microflora
Biotin deficiency can be produced by the ingestion of _____.
avidin, which is found in raw egg whites.
Biotin contains what element?
Oral signs of deficiency of this nutrient include pallor of the tongue and patchy atrophy of the lingual papilla
This vitamin protects soft tissues from infections.
Vitamin C
When deficient from this vitamin, collagen is weakened which leads to gingivitis and poor wound healing.
Vitamin C
This vitamin aids in the developemnt and maintenance of salivary glands.
Vitamin A
This vitamin helps prevent imflammation of the peridontium and promotes the integrity of cell membranes of the mucosa.
Vitamin E