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Vitamins acts as....

a. a catalyst
b. a coenzyme
c. all of the aboce
d. none of the above
c. all of the above
True or False

Dean is Gay
True - he lives with another man.

Hahaha gotcha!
True or False

Eating fats, carbohydrates, and proteins without enough vitamins means the energy from these nutrients cannot be utilized.
True or False

Vitamins can provide an adequate energy source when lacking fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and even minerals.
False - false, vitamins DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ENERGY
What vitamins are required for calcified structures?
A, D, E, K (fat soluble)
and Vitamin C (water soluble)
True or False

Vitamins which the body produce are called nonessential vitamins
False, the body cannot produce vitamins and must be supplemented in the diet.
A vitamin deficiency resulting from an unhealthy body is called a _____ deficiency whereas a vitamin deficiency resulting from a decreaseed intake is called a _____ deficiency.

a. primary, secondary
b. secondary, primary
a. secondary, primary
Fat soluble vitamins require ___ for absorption.

a. transport proteins
b. bile
c. pepsin
d. lignin
b. bile
Which can be stored in the body longer: water soluble vitamins or fat soluble vitamins?
fat soluble
Which of the following vitamin a sources is from an animal source?

a. beta-carotene
b. chlorophyll
c. retinol
d. cholesterol
c. retinol
______ is the most biologically actice form of vitamin A.
retinoic acid
Vitamin A is transported via

a. freely in the blood
b. in vesicles
c. bound to a protein
d. none of the above
c. bound to a protein
True or False

Vitamin A is filtered by the kidneys?
False - Vitamin A is too large for the kidney to filter and that is why it is retained.
Retinoic acid can store up to _____ supply of vitamin a.

a. 3 months
b. 9 months
c. 1 year
d. 2 years
c. 1 year
A deficincy of rhodopsin can lead to _____.
night blindness
Retinal + ______ = rhodopsin
a. Opsin
The BEST known function of vitamin A is ___.

a. Cancer prevention
b. Growth
c. Maintenance of oral soft tissues
d. Preserves vision
d. preserves vision
True or False

Vitamin A is involved with normal teeth spacing and promotes osteoblast function of the alveolar bone.
Hyper states of vitamin A results in

a. diplopia
b. damage to cell membranes
c. reddened gingiva
d. all of the above
d. all of the above
Toxicity resulting from excessive intake of vitamin A results in ______.
Vitamin A deficiency is most commonly found in ____.

a. infants
b. children under the age of 5
c. adolescents b/t 10 - 15
d. middle age adults.
b. children under the age of 5
What is the proper order of this degenerative sequence caused by inadequate vitamin A deficiency?

a. Bitot's spots, night blindness, xerophthalmia

b. Night blindness, xerophthalmia, bitots spots

c. xeropthalmia, bitots spots, night blindness

d. night blindness, bitots spots, night blindness
b. Night blindness, xerophthalmia, bitots spots
Severe Vitamin deficiency can result in ____?

a. enamel hyperplasia
b. enamel hypoplasia
c. ameleogenesis hyperplasia
d. ameleogenesis hypoplasia
a. enamel hyperplasia
True or False

Vitamin D can be classified more appropriately as a ____.
hormone - it is unique in that the body can manufacture its own supply when exposed to UV rays.
What is the active form of vitamin D?
What is the primary role of vitamin D?
To mineralize bones and teeth and regulate blood calcium and phosphorus levels.
If you are fair skinned ____ of exposure of sunlight is sufficient for vitamin D intake; for dark skin, ___ is enought time for exposure.
30 minutes, 3 hours
Which vitamin is the most toxic of all vitamins?
Vitamin D
Which of the following is NOT a result of a vitamin D deficiency?

a. Enamel hyperplasia
b. Rickets
c. Osteomalacia
d. all of the above are results of vitamin D deficiency.
a. enamel hyperplasia
Rickets : children
_______ : adults
Vitamin E is aka

a. Calciferol
b. Retinol
c. Tocopherol
d. Menadione
c. Tocopherol

Calciferol - D
Retinol - A
Menadione - K
Ascorbic Acid - C
The most important role of vitamin E is that it serves as ______.
an antioxidant - protects the integrity of normal cell membranes
True or False

Vitamin E is relatively non toxic.
Excessive intake of vitamin E can produce _____.
Megadoses of vitamin E inhibits ____________.
the clotting action of vitamin K.
This deficiency is rarely seen.

a. vitamin C
b. vitamin A
c. vitamin K
d. citamin E
d. vitamin E
How many forms of vitamin K are there and what are they?
1. K-1 occurs in green plants
2. K-2 formed by Escherichia coli bacteria in the large intestine
3. K-3 synthetic compound
Vitamin K functions as a catalyst for ______.
True or False

No toxicity symptoms have been documented for oral intake of vitamin K.
A deficiency of vitamin ____ may occur if a broad spectrum antibiotic is taken and reduced the number of endogenous intestinal bacteria.
Which group is vunerable to vitamin K deficiencies?

a. newborns
b. children
c. adults
d. teens
a. newborns because the intestine of a newborn is sterile
This vitamin is important in collage formation.

a. vitamin A
b. vitamin B
c. vitamin C
d. vitamin E
c. vitamin C
Vitamin ___ & ____ functions as an antioxidant
C & E
Vitamin _____ enhances iron absorption and utlization.

a. A
b. B
c. C
d. E
c. C
Excessive amounts of vitamin C can cause _______ and interfere with _______.
gastrointestinal distress & vitamin B-12 absorption
Vitamin C intake above _____ daily can resul in urinary excretion of oxalate and increase the likliehood of urinary stones.

a. 500 mg
b. 1000 mg
c. 2000 mg
d. 4000 mg
b. 1000 mg
A vitamin C deficiency can be cause _______.
scurvy... aaarrrrg! (pirate voice)
True or False

Steroids, antibiotics, and salicylates can decrease excretion of vitamin C
False it can increase the excretion of vitamin C.